Rule to Send Unknown Callers to Voicemail?

I would like to be able to automatically send all unknown callers to voicemail. Is it possible to accomplish this with a rule? Yes I am aware that I can block callers, and I also have call screening enabled, but that does not stop nuisance callers from distracting me all day long.


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Looks like there isn’t that specific type of rule in there just yet - the closest thing is to ask them for their name, under the User/Phone tabs:

From a programming stand point, that would be somethinthey would program in the ‘Custom Rules’ - but they have the old logic from before - the three segments to look at - caller, number, and/or time.

I would write it up in more detail and post it on their Idea boards - I’ve seen many of them actually added to the core programming.

If you go to your Screening, Greeting and Hold Music section and click "blocked calls", there's an option for blocking calls with no caller ID. You'd select the "calls and faxes" option from the dropdown and it will send those calls to a disconnect message.

Not quite the same as your VM, but maybe that's good enough for you. 

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