Switch Calls wont go off the mobile app

  • 8 June 2020
  • 2 replies

Every call that comes in on our mobile app hangs up on the first ring, we have to go back into the ring central app, hit switch and then confirm for each call

2 replies

Yes, us too.  I reported this to Ringcentral on Friday 6/5 for our company and had them issue a ticket.  I noticed that they put something up on their status page about this back on 6/3.  However, there is no update.  To put some more context... when a customer calls a queue, the operator answers on their mobile app, and it immediately hangs up the call.  However, it really didn't hang up on the customer, it just sits quiet.  If you go back into the ringcentral mobile app and click the "switch to this device" link, the call picks back up.  However, depending on how quick the operator can get back to the app and click the switch it may be 5-10 seconds of dead space for the customer, and some of them will hang up!  Not a good situation.

Hopefully, more people with this problem report it.
Exactly what is happening to us and it was a week ago today.  Our customers are getting annoyed as well.