Third Party Access to Call Recordings

Hopefully somebody is able to advise on this as I’ve not been able to find the info online.


We work with a finance company who want to be able to access our call logs for audit purposes - is there any way to set up access for them to our call recordings without us giving them a full admin privileges? 


Thank you for the help.

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Yes.  I would set them up with a ‘mobile’ account, since they wouldn’t be making calls - that’s step 1.

Under Users - you will see Roles on the left side.  There, you would create a specific role for say, Audit Only.

In the Role configuration, you can select exactly which things you want that account to do - calls, access, etc.  Down near the bottom are the Call Log features.


Once you select which areas to give access to - in the actual user, under User Details - assign the role to that user.  Test!  :)




Hope that helps - if not, let us know what other bits are missing.

Good luck.


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