[US] Issues with fax

  • 26 March 2020
  • 1 reply

I'm currently experiencing two issues with fax. I've tried to speak to an agent via Live Chat but no real human agent is available after waiting over an hour :(

1. My client tried to fax the document to us, he kept getting the 'line is busy' signal. (tried two different days) We have a separate fax number from the phone number and no other fax was received during those times, so not sure how the line could be busy.

2. I faxed the PDF file from RC App to a government agency, but the recipient is saying that the received file appears almost whited out and would like me to replace the ink ?! I asked if they are using the traditional fax machine, she said they are also using the electronic fax.

Would appreciate any help!

1 reply

Hi Erin!

We can help you! However, I would suggest opening a case to our support site so we can see your exact settings and also contact you at your most convenient time. 

Create a case here!