Users stuck with "Switch Call To This Device" on desktop RC Phone app and mobile RC Glip app

  • 13 March 2021
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The issue begins with a person receiving a phone call through a call queue. In the time between when the phone starts ringing and they pickup the call, the caller begins typing an extension. Before the caller finishes dialing the extension, the call is picked up. The call is answered and then gets routed to someone else in the company.

However the person who first picked up the call is stuck. In the corner of the RC Phone app and mobile RC Glip app it shows "Switch Call to This Device". However when they click that, nothing happens. In the HUD it shows that person on a call. But they are unable to actually pickup the call and it interferes with other call functions. This happens on both mobile and desktop softphone.

This continues even after they quit the app and relaunch. Even after they uninstall and re-install. And even after deactivating their account and re-activating.

Per Tier 3 support, this is a known issue per Bug File CNV-37586.

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