What is the login and password to an OBi302 once you have connected it to Ring Central?

  • 5 January 2023
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We use OBi302 ATA's for our fax machines. When you first set up the ATA the login is admin and password is admin. Once it is connected to Ring Central you can not get into the ATA with that login and password. Does anyone know what the credentials change to once it is connected to Ring Central?

5 replies

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Once a device is successfully provisioned to RingCentral, it will generate a unique password for accessing its web interface. Please get in touch with Tech Support to get this information. You may submit a ticket to

Thank you for the info Mary!!

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If you'd to keep control of your local OBI's - you can always do a manual provision. It's what we've done and had no issues in the past 2+ years. I have a doc I can share if you need to know which fields on which screens.

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Your sip and proxy most likely will be different.

This will keep you in control of the admin passcode for the OBI's

Good luck.

OBI Programming for manual RC.pdf

Thank you Joe! Please send me the doc.