Issue when sharing screen where any Ring Central menus (toolbars, chat window, etc.) show as a black box over top of shared content.

  • 12 December 2019
  • 6 replies

Issue when sharing screen where any RingCentral menus (toolbars, chat window, participant video, etc.) show as a black box over top of shared content. This causes us to not really being able to display menus to change anything during a presentation due to it blocking the view of the participants.

6 replies

Hi Mark, that should not be the case. Could you please share more details:
- OS version
- App version
- Steps to reproduce (e.g. how you are sharing, whether sharing full screen or specific window, etc.)

Screenshots would be helpful too.
They are running Windows 10, version 1803. OS Build 17134.1069.

The app version is 19.4.23024.1205.

They've tried both sharing main screen (full screen) and sharing a specific app, and the same behavior occurs.

I've attached screenshots.

Main Screen Sharing

Sharing Only Powerpoint

Bump... Nothing new on this?
I'm running into the exact same problem. Sujit
Is there any update on the resolution for this?  I just upgraded to a new Windows 10 laptop and I now have the issue as shown above.  I never got this issue on Windows 7. 

This is obviously an issue with this software that should have an answer here on how to resolve. Your customers should not have to open a work ticket to fix an issue that multiple users are having.

Please post the answer/fix for your users here.