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Recently set up Poly Studio x52, the device works great for a few days and then the mic and camera go offline. RingCentral app doesn't see the mic or camera on Admin portal. I have opened a ticket with HP and sent them logs however, I wonder if anyone on here has had the issue. The device works with other platforms just fine. (I.E. Zoom and Teams)

Room System version 24.2.30 (Studio x52)

Room Controller version 24.2.35 (Poly TC10)


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Hi qlockett324

Here are a few steps you could consider to try and resolve the issue:

1. Firmware Update -  Ensure your Poly Studio x52 is running the latest firmware. Sometimes, compatibility issues can be resolved with an update.

2. RingCentral Settings - Double-check the RingCentral app settings to ensure the app is allowed to access the camera and microphone. Sometimes, permissions can be the culprit.

3. Reinstallation -Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the RingCentral app. It could be a software glitch that might get fixed with a fresh install.

4. Check Poly Compatibility - Review any official compatibility notices from Poly regarding RingCentral. There might be known issues or specific settings needed.

These steps often help in troubleshooting device-specific issues with communication platforms. I hope one of these suggestions helps you get your Poly Studio x52 fully functional with RingCentral again.

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Hey, @qlockett324 If @Mary-Community_Moderator was able to answer your question, can you please mark it as “Best Answer” so other Community members can find it if they have the same issue?
And if not, let us know how we can help you further!
Thank you!

Hello, I have validated steps 1-3 and the issue has continued to plague me. However, I do have a case open with HP Poly and we are attempting to collect logs for the issue. I would not make this the “best answer” as of right now. With that said I will say they these were very good suggestions. Thank you.

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@qlockett324 Love it! When you hear back from Poly, would you be open to sharing what you’ve learned here?
Thanks so much for circling back!