RC Video Quality Issues

  • 20 June 2023
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We are having issues using the RC desktop in RC video meetings. The picture quality will freeze or drop, and it is near impossible to use it. If we go to a Teams meeting in the same environment with the same user and device, we have no issues. It appears as though RC bandwidth is 5-6 mbs while Teams is less than 3 mbs. This is not a bandwitdth issue as we are not close to capacity on our internet connection. We also increased our QoS to RC recommended numbers with no change. Is there any settings in the app to help with this or compress video?

2 replies

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Hi @Allen Hainsey - IT Ops x285, you may want to check the article below.

We have been having the same issue for over a year now and after opening several cases with RingCentral and preforming all the test RingCentral requested and still no solution we basically just gave up and started using Teams for all of our meetings. The amount of "testing" RingCentral support wants you to do and then provides no solution is frustrating. Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Blue Jeans, Cisco Webex, and all other meeting platforms preform perfectly in our environment. RingCentral Video meetings is the only platform that we have problems with. The RC analytics dashboard is zero help and shows a meeting has QoS problems when it did not. Then when a meeting does have a problem the analytics dashboard shows the meeting had no issues. For us the bottom line is why would we put all the time and effort into RC Video meetings when Microsoft Teams just works for us without any extra effort.