RingCentral meetings default dial in numbers not showing up for UK users

  • 21 January 2019
  • 2 replies

Looking for some help with a peculiar ringcentral meetings issue we've been having. We have a company in the US, UK and AU. The UK is under UK Global office. I have multiple users in the UK that state that when they try to schedule a meeting through ringcentral meetings it shows dial in numbers for the US but nothing for the UK or the AU despite our global dial-in countries are set in the admin portal for the whole company to show all 3 dial in numbers.

If they go to edit the dial in countries in the ringcentral meetings app and manually add these 2 countries it still only shows the US number when they go to schedule a meeting.

For the US employees by default all 3 countries have dial in numbers for meetings, for the UK employees they are only presented with a dial in number for the US.

2 replies

Hey Ray, I talked with our Meetings Team and sounds like something is going on. Could you please open a case and let me know what the case number is?

Thanks! I let our Product Team know and they're going to also look into what's going on and collaborate with the Support Team