STOP RC from starting a web browser when I click on a mtg from an outlook calendar entry?

  • 13 May 2020
  • 4 replies

How can I STOP Ring Central from starting a web browser when I click on a meeting from an outlook calendar entry? Certainly an annoyance when I have 3-4 meetings a day. it just clutters up my screen. Any assistance would be appreciated. Mark

4 replies

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Hi Mark, 

The reason why it automatically start on a browser is because the link that you will click directs on the browser. If you don't want this, do not click the whole link and copy the Meeting ID only, then paste this on your RIngCentral Meetings app.
Hi Mary,
This is definitely helpful, as now I know what it's doing.  But how can I create the link that just launches my meeting? RC promotes the integration into Outlook, and I would naturally assume it would have the intelligence to know if the app is installed and if so only start that by default. I'm just trying to make it a clean startup from outlook. 
But again, thank you for your response and assistance.

That's annoying. Sometimes it hangs when trying to start or joint a meeting in a browser. I would really like to have it start the meeting in the RC app.

That's not an answer ..copy the little bit of the meeting number ..