We would need an option to join a meeting without installing the app

  • 24 January 2019
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When attendees don't have admin privileges on their machine, there is no way for them to join the meeting. An in-browser option would be essential for meetings to be useful in a business setting.

5 replies

This would be helpful to our organizations too.  Feature parity with webex would be the biz justification for the RC development team.

That functionality is already available. Check out this Knowledge Based article (via the link below)
I don't think this is up-to-date because there is no "tools" menu in the app. Although, I'd be happy to be wrong about this...

Nevermind, found it on the website, not under tools, but still, the option is still called Show a "Join from your browser" link.

Thanks! (support didn't seem to know about this over 2 online chats + on call)
One last info for anyone landing here searching for this: The option does work, but it is quite limited as it says in the option menu.

How limited? I tested it to know:
  • Attendee can no show, nor send video
  • They can only join audio through phone
  • They CAN see any screen you are sharing, which is pretty great if you ask me.
i agree w/OLEOTEK Conference 1 and would like to add, that I know now too your join link browser function is limited

Seems to not work on Safari
*I send link to participants Iphones and they can't open it (even though my admin settings are allow others to join from browser) 

For those who enter w/a browser it limits 
*Participants to only join w/Audio 
*They only see the other paricipants 

I would like for browser participants to see more, how possible is that?
In order for it to work, does it have to be on Chrome? Firefox?