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Is there a difference between the Call-Recording Duration and Actual Call Duration?

Why is there a difference between the Call-recording duration and actual Call Duration reported in the call log? or Why don't I see a recording for a call even when I see call duration in call log record? (Automatic recording is enabled)

Well here is the explanation:

The total call duration reported in the call log entry includes the time for call-setup, playing the call prompt, playing the auto receptionist message, playing the call-recording prompt and/or the actual talk time (i.e when 2 parties could hear each other).

The call recording is generated ONLY for the duration of actual talk time.


Senario 1: Call log record shows 50 secs, but the recording is for 10 secs

The initial 40 seconds is call setup time and so the call recording duration will be 10 seconds for the actual talk time after the recording prompt was played.

Senario 2: Call log record shows 75 secs, but there is no recording

The call was setup, but was terminated by one of the parties while the recording prompt was still playing

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Would you happen to know where this "call recording duration" is in the api? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I found the "callDuration". But my client wants to filter out calls with a specific recording duration. Does that exist anywhere in the call log record or in the recording info?
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