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Quarterly Roundup by the RingCentral Community Team - Q4


Q4 Newsletter

What a whirlwind of a year! Here at RingCentral we’re on the fast track for innovation and always moving forward. The year 2021 brought around many partnerships, new features, and major changes to some of our key products.

We’ve collected some winning moments from the last quarter, and compiled resources that will help you make 2022 even better with the RingCentral app. Here’s to closing out 2021 with success and taking all our momentum into 2022. May it be our best year yet!

From the Community Team

Community friends,

As we approach the end of the year there is much to be grateful for. My team has stayed healthy and committed to showing up every day to support our Community and the Ideas Portal to stay connected to your bright ideas and support needs.

And we’re grateful for you too - we learn so much from you about new and interesting ways that you use RingCentral products. We learn new use cases and get your fresh perspectives. And we know your unique pain points and challenges. We thank you for sharing all of it with us.
We hope you’ll continue to do so in the coming year and that new opportunities for collaboration will unfold.

In 2022, we are expecting some really cool developments and continued innovation at RingCentral. We’re going to continue to share updates and information with you that will keep you and your team moving in the right direction!

We know 2021 has been a tough one for a lot of folks - for those of you who have struggled with challenges, we salute your strength and perseverance!

I would be remiss if I didn’t call out some customers that really pitched in here in the Community, through Betas, or customer interviews.
So, big thank yous and appreciation to @Cote_Business Systems, @Joe Cache, @Andy Anderson, @bob-robinson, @ronda-tappan, @cglassy, @emily-gore, and @tak-it1!

Take good care and know that if our team can help, we’ll do our darndest to come through for you!

Best wishes for a happy holiday and a healthy new year!

Becky Hensley

Senior Manager - Community and Social Media

Implemented Ideas

RingCentral cares about our customers, and we want to hear from you! Have any great feature improvement ideas? Head on over to the Ideas Portal and post your use cases for your request. Take a moment to review some of our most popular ideas and add your voice to the conversation.

You're invited to browse existing ideas, vote on features you would like to see and leave comments sharing your use case. We can’t think of a better way to close out the year than highlighting some of your implemented ideas from Q4!


Raise Hand in a RingCentral Video meeting

Have something to say in a meeting? Raise your hand and let the host know! Learn how to use this feature, click on your device!



Pause automatic call recordings

With the call recording feature of the RingCentral desktop and web app, you can: record or stop recording an active call, pause or resume recording, and view call recordings.


Share RingCentral Video meeting recordings

Need to share your meeting recording with absent members? No worries there, now with RingCentral Video for desktop and web app you can quickly and easily share links to your meeting.


Live transcription in RingCentral Video

Multi-tasking get the best of you during a meeting? Or did you just join a little too late and need to catch up on the conversation? Live transcription (beta) is now available in RingCentral Video.


The RingCentral Blog

For additional resources and points of view on RingCentral products, stop by the RingCentral blog and check out new articles written by RingCentral product managers and marketers. Here are some great articles to get you started.

5 powerful enterprise phone features from 2021
Bridged Call Appearance: Share an extension with multiple users
Zero Touch Provisioning: Faster deployment, fewer mistakes
Mobile Heads-Up Display: Democratizing mobility
Azure AD integration: Unified authentication
Augmented user call handling controls

possibilities-video.png Possibilities: What you can do with video meetings in RingCentral MVP
As companies shift to hybrid and remote-first workplaces, video meetings are becoming a vital part in keeping teams connected.
Hybrid workers will want to work from anywhere, using any device, and using any form of communication (message, video, phone).
There are several RingCentral MVP video features that help teams stay connected and collaborative, wherever they are.

New RingCentral MVP features that will solve productivity challenges for hybrid teams
Next-gen business analytics that goes beyond IT and delivers insights at the pace your business operates.
New AI-powered meeting summaries, live transcription, and built-in infinite whiteboard make meetings effortless so you never miss a thing.
Latest RingCentral Rooms™ innovations enable organizations to prepare for a no-touch hybrid work environment.
Content sharing via your phone’s rear camera delivers unprecedented simplicity and ease of use.

ringcentral-connect-2021.png RingCentral Connect 2021: 6 ways we're leading the new age of voice
Unmatched reliability: Never drop a call again
Options to transform at your pace
Intelligent Voice: Bringing AI to your phone calls
Powerful voice analytics
Supercharging mobile voice

Did You Know?

A RingCentral add-in is type of add-in that integrates functionality directly into a RingCentral client, like our Team Messaging and Video client. There are currently two types of add-ins we currently support: bots and notification apps.

Bring your application into RingCentral Team Messaging: RingCentral Add-ins eliminates toggling between applications by integrating those workflows directly into RingCentral Team


Drive efficiency and productivity: RingCentral Add-ins extends Team Messaging functionality

to support the custom workflows of every organization. Integrate your favorite tools to where work gets done and realize true business collaboration.


Have a developer who is interested in building a RingCentral add-in? Check out the guide now!

Release Notes

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral products. Want to get an overview of this month's releases? Check out our Release Highlights.


Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap on our Quarterly Community Newsletter and 2021!
Thanks for taking a peek - we hope these quarterly collections help pull together all the good things happening at RingCentral and keep you in the know!

If you have questions about any of the features mentioned above, thoughts on trending ideas, or just want to chat with the Community Team - leave a comment here or shoot us an email at

Happy New Year!

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