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Quarterly Roundup by the RingCentral Community Team - Q1 2022


Q1 Newsletter

Quarter one is in the books for 2022! Read on for some RingCentral highlights from the past three months as we cover implemented ideas, resources from the RingCentral blog, three of our favorite app integrations, and a quick overview of our latest release notes.

From the Community Team

Community friends,

It’s been an unusual first quarter. While our focus is on supporting customers and making sure you have everything you need to be successful, on the periphery is the challenging situation in Ukraine and the people who are struggling daily.
We hope you’re taking good care of yourselves and those you care about most.

Q1 had lots of cool product developments and there is a lot more to come as we swiftly move into Q2. We’ll keep you updated on all of it here or in the Ideas Portal. Click
HERE to explore the Ideas Portal and leave your best and brightest ideas, feature requests, and improvements. The sky's the limit!

We’ll be talking up a lot more resources via the App Gallery and we encourage you to browse integrations that might be just what you need to address pain points your team has. There is a wealth of time savers and solutions that you might be missing out on! Take a tour of the App Gallery

At times like this, it’s important to lean on each other and show support where we can! If you see a fellow user with a challenge that you know the answer to, please leave a comment, an answer, friendly advice, or an encouraging word.

We appreciate you!

Looking forward,

Becky Hensley

Senior Manager - Community and Social Media



Did you know there’s a bunch of things you can do when you’re logged into your MyRingCentral account? Here are some of the things you can access:

  • My Overview - This displays the products you’re subscribed to, what plan you’ve purchased, and links to the Admin Portal and the Desktop RingCentral App

  • My Cases - This shows any cases you have created to fix an issue with your RingCentral account

  • My Billing - Admins, you can view your next billing cycle, when your account renews, how to update your credit card information, and you can review your billing details

  • My Contacts - This offers admins a link to start a live chat with Technical Support, and displays representatives

  • My Analytics- Get quick access to your analytics using the MyAnalytics tile on MyRingCentral

Implemented Ideas

RingCentral knows you have a lot to say! Do you have any great feature ideas? Check out our Ideas Portal at

We encourage you to look at the existing ideas, vote on features you want to see, and leave comments sharing your use case. We couldn’t think of a better way to make improvements than with your help!

Read below for the most recently implemented ideas!


Line Of Business (LOB) Analytics: A historical call performance analytics for RingCentral MVP customers to help functional managers gain a comprehensive understanding of their team’s performance whether they are set up on call queues, user groups, or as individual users.

LOB Analytics gives you the flexibility of creating customized dashboards to:

  • Do Ad-hoc analysis for in-depth understanding of team’s call handling

  • Create custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as suitable for your business

  • Visualize data to uncover patterns of calls & call handling

  • Download data and visualization for socializing with other members of your organization

Learn more:

Abandoned Call Managing: Administrators now have the ability to change what inbound call parameters will count as an abandoned call.

Click HERE to learn more!

Domain Control: Taking control and keep tabs on accounts in your teams. By enabling domain auto-aggregation, admins can prevent new users from creating additional RingCentral video accounts which could cause headaches for admins.

Learn more HERE!

Managing Remote Members on Call Queues: Administrators and call queue managers can now remotely change queue members’ availability from the web portal when members are out of the office and can’t accept queue calls.

To learn more click HERE!

The RingCentral Blog

For more information on RingCentral products check out the articles written by RingCentral product managers and marketers on the RingCentral blog. Here are some to get you started, click on the image to read more:


  • Efficient - Greater SMS deliverability and access for you

  • Intelligent - Smarter SMS designed to provide great insights

  • Trusted - SMS registered with carriers and known by you


Coming soon to a RingCentral App near you!

  • Whiteboard - Get ready to brainstorm

  • Live Transcriptions - Missed a second of your meeting, no worries, check the live transcription

  • Participant Reactions - someone said something funny? Laugh along!

  • Dynamic End-to-End Encryption

For more of the RingCentral Blog, click HERE

App Gallery Spotlight

Add-ins turn RingCentral Team messaging into a place where work gets done. Embed your favorite products right into a conversation with these new and popular add-ins.


Poll Add-in for RingCentral

Create quick polls with the poll add-in and let your team vote!

This poll bot for RingCentral allows you to create your own custom multiple choice polls for team members to vote on! The poll creator can set the poll close date, allow votes to be anonymous, and even


Archive and supervise communications across voice, contact center, text/sms, and team messaging.

RingClone includes support for:

  • Voice data (recorded calls and voicemails)

  • Voice logs

  • Multiple call legs

  • Complex recording and voicemail results

  • Fax activity and images (including all attachments)

  • Fax logs

  • SMS/Texting activity

  • Text conversations

  • SMS/Texting logs

  • Team messaging conversations


Velvetech for RingCentral

Stay competitive with immediate actionable insights driven by Velvetech’s AI-powered call analytics.

  • Real-time call transcription

  • Speaker identification technology with caller voice separation

  • Call meta-data capturing

  • Technology to fit the client operations supporting IT infrastructure thanks to a full set of API integrations with RingCentral, sales enablement tools, CRM applications, etc.

Release Notes

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral products. Want to get an overview of this month's releases? Check out our Release Highlights.


Wrap Up

As Becky mentioned, we know things are tough out there, but if the Community Team can support you, please shout! We’re here to connect you to the right information and tools that can ease your daily challenges.

If you have questions about any of the new features we’ve share, thoughts on ideas in the Portal that really resonate with your team/use case, or just want to chat with the Community Team - leave a comment here or shoot us an email at

Keep your heads up and know we’ve got your back!

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