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12/08/2022 10 AM ET - Known Outage

Hi everyone,

Yes, there is currently a known outage impacting the app. When updates are available, they will be posted on

I know it's a rocky start to your Thursday morning, our engineering team is actively researching for the timeliest resolution. Here's hoping it's a quick fix, for all of us!

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Is there a reason the status page is only specifying issues with messaging when there are also reported issues with phones and calls not going out?

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Is there an ETA on the fix yet for phones? Our phones have been down for over 2 hours, I'm still waiting for Live Chat to connect me to another department and they started that process nearly 2 hours ago at 8:16am it is now 9:52am here. I already submitted a ticket, but it's very difficult to monitor a Live chat for an agent to respond while also monitoring missed calls to return them since they're not coming through, on top of the other job duties we have here in our shop. I understand there is a process but no communication at all while I was actively speaking with somebody in Live chat is not good.

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