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Top Contributors of the Week

We are introducing this week's top contributors who actively participated in our Community.

And to our 75 new members, welcome aboard! It's so great to have you with us!

@Bijay Lama, thanks so much for being active in the Community and using it not only as a resource, but also supporting other users with your questions.

@Joel DuBroy, thank you for sharing your feedback, knowledge, and answers! All are valuable and appreciated!

A big thank you to @Andrea Arnst for giving us a heads up about an interruption in service. We’re always grateful to hear from you when you’re experiencing an issue!

Shout out to you @Gregory Yaschuk! We're so thankful for having RingCentral employees who volunteer their time and expertise to support our members. You've been so helpful!

And finally, a big thanks to @Phong Vu who works hard to support our Developer Community Members! We see you, Paco! Thank you!

It’s the weekend and we hope you had a great week and enjoy your time off!

See you next week!

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