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Update on March 31 deadline for TCR registration

We are pleased to share that the March 31, 2023 deadline for registration has been extended. Customers are encouraged to continue their TCR registration to avoid additional filtering and throttling of messages, or having SMS blocked when an updated date is announced.

Over the last several months RingCentral has been helping our customers register with The Campaign Registry as required by US mobile carriers. At the same time, RingCentral has been advocating on behalf of our customers with messaging infrastructure providers, TCR, and the mobile carriers to ensure our customers voices’ and concerns are heard.

We are pleased to share that the March 31, 2023 date to register existing numbers has been extended. Following this date, we do not anticipate any mass blocking of SMS deliverability for RingCentral customers based explicitly on the elapsing of this deadline.

TCR registration is still required for all business SMS users, and we encourage customers to continue working on their TCR registration. Additional restrictions are being placed on unregistered traffic including higher levels of filtering and throttling that may result in messages being blocked if too many are sent at once. In addition, mobile carriers may still block SMS at any time with little or no notice, and RingCentral will not be able to enable new numbers or re-enable any number that has been disabled. Additionally, RingCentral will not be able to address deliverability or other SMS related issues for numbers that are not registered with TCR.

To complete the carrier required registration, please see our step by step instructional video, support articles, or call our dedicated TCR registration hotline that may be reached Monday-Friday from 5am-5pm PDT by calling 1-855-925-8622.

As a reminder, there are three steps for completing registration: registering your brand, adding a campaign (how you are using SMS), and assigning your numbers. You can find the status of your brand, campaign, and number provisioning within the RingCentral Admin Portal under Phone System > Enhanced Business SMS > 10DLC Registration.

For customers that submitted a PDF registration, you may not see this capability yet in the RingCentral Admin Portal. You can confirm the status of your registration with your account representative. Admins can check this contact if needed in MyRingCentral under My Contacts.

On behalf of the entire RingCentral team, we would also like to personally thank each and every RingCentral customer for their understanding of this carrier required registration, their efforts to ensure they are compliant with carrier requirements, and their patience throughout this process. Every single employee at RingCentral is dedicated to serving our customers, and we will continue to advocate for our customers while working to make this process as painless as possible.

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Joe C avatar image Joe C commented ·

You do realize how complete f-ed this is for businesses that use text to communicate with existing customers? The majority of ring central customers are small businesses that dont use our numbers for soliciting new business. Ive now paid $30+ to try and register campaigns and who knows how much you are scamming us for monthly to send texts to our customers. When I signed up, texting was included. We use text to communicate with customers that already purchased or are purchasing services through us. Why do we now have to go watch instructional videos on how to set this up? Set it up for us and dont charge us for it. Our services should work for what we agreed on. If the business solicits and sends out mass texts, yes, they should probably fill all this crap out. You guys are unbelievable. I have a business to run. Not screw around with ring central so I can make sure my customers can text me. What am I supposed to do now? Go back and change all our literature that tells customers to text us? Morons. you guys are... morons.

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Mike Stowe avatar image Mike Stowe ♦♦ Joe C commented ·

Unfortunately this is an industry requirement set by US mobile carriers, and is not limited to RingCentral. As part of these requirements, businesses need to register themselves as well as specifically state how they are using SMS. Previously, RingCentral did register customer numbers on your behalf, however this is no longer acceptable and that traffic will be considered "unregistered" by the carriers, and eventually blocked.

In terms of the fees for registration, none of these fees are RingCentral fees - but are the registration and maintenance charges from TCR, aggregators, vetting agencies, and mobile carriers. RingCentral is not charging any additional fees as part of the TCR registration process. You can see a full breakdown of these fees here.

Lastly, RingCentral continues to cover a portion of the new fees imposed by carriers, including the allotment that was provided when carriers added new per-message surcharges on SMS.

I know this process has been incredibly frustrating and appreciate your feedback. We will continue to work to improve this process, provide greater clarity and transparency, and help every customer adjust to these new requirements for business SMS.

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michele-harris avatar image michele-harris Mike Stowe ♦♦ commented ·

Then why don't Verizon customers have to do it? I have a client who uses Verizon for his 4 business lines. His company DOES send out bulk texts to his customers. He has not heard ANYTHING about this!

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Alex DeMarco avatar image Alex DeMarco commented ·

This is not required at all by carriers. Carriers don't require a "brand", or "campaign" to use SMS with an app. Lots of apps use SMS. This is an effort to collect business data. The amount of money we are paying as sole proprietors just to have a couple of phone numbers and maintain a fax line for the dinosaurs is not cool. If you want to expand into "A.I." land and all, cool, make it an option. I'll take a look. But that you're requiring this just to maintain a service tells me you only want to serve established "brands" that will pay for various "campaigns", like Google makes us do for advertising. So no we're going incoroporate the communications themselves into that mess. That's what feels like is coming.

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Alex DeMarco avatar image Alex DeMarco Alex DeMarco commented ·

A reminder as well, if you start costing businesses their communications, thus causing them to incur losses, as it sounds like is happening above...a LOT of your clients are lawyers, like myself. And even the solo lawyers can make A LOT of trouble in a very very short period of time.

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Paul Dobbs avatar image Paul Dobbs Alex DeMarco commented ·

I hope the lawyers do step in on this. There is absolutely NO VALUE to what has been decided. This TCR registration is supposed to stop spam texts? It will not do that at all - the scammers can fake the numbers they are texting from, or just as easily, they can register a whole bunch of numbers and use it to spam until they get cut off, rinse, repeat.

We submitted our form in January, following Ring's guidelines. Our submission has been rejected 3 times in a row for incomplete information. It is NOT incomplete in any way. Every field was filled, as per their rules. We don't use SMS to campaign. It is purely conversational between us and our youth clients (social work), and even thought we have stated this multiple times, we have been rejected again and again, and just keep getting told to submit again. That is outrageous on top of how stupid this failure of an idea is going to be right off the bat. This needs to be stopped. It is a cash grab, it has zero benefit, it is a huge waste of our time to be doing this over and over.

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Tim Wletschak avatar image Tim Wletschak commented ·

How about informing extended to WHEN?????? Give us ALL the information please...

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Mike Stowe avatar image Mike Stowe ♦♦ Tim Wletschak commented ·

A new date has not yet been communicated. As soon as we have a new date we will absolutely provide.

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Robert Sicilia avatar image Robert Sicilia commented ·

Simple question. If the date was extended, WHY are 4 of my lines SMS turned off "while awaiting vetting." If I submitted everything in February and March 26th, Why do I NOT HAVE SMS NOW?

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michele-harris avatar image michele-harris commented ·

I am a sole proprietor. I am the only one who uses my phone system. I do text my clients, but it's always one to one, and NO bulk/blast texts. I refuse to do this. If I am forced, I will simply drop RingCentral altogether and get an extra cell phone to conduct my very small business with.

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Mike Stowe avatar image Mike Stowe ♦♦ michele-harris commented ·

I completely understand. This is not a RingCentral requirement, but an industry requirement being driven by mobile carriers. As such we are not able to guarantee continued SMS service unless you choose to register. Unregistered traffic is subject to higher surcharges, more aggressive filtering, throttling, and potentially being blocked by mobile carriers and aggregators.

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MAIN SUPPORT avatar image MAIN SUPPORT Mike Stowe ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Mike, When registering a TCR campaign, should you register 2 campaigns (one for conversational; one for automated messages) if you use both types?

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