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Glip: organize your Teams!

How can I organize my Glip Team rooms?

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kim avatar image kim commented ·
* Organize your Glip rooms by creating folders.  
  1. If a team is currently flagged as "Favorite" you will need to uncheck/remove it, then the Team can be moved to a folder.
  2. Click on the gear icon > Select Team Folder
  3. Create the Team Folder Name.


* Once the Team Folder is created, the teams that are moved to it will show up in the folder.  

* Click on the folder to expand/collapse the folders.   

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nate-a10303 avatar image nate-a10303 commented ·
It looks like this feature has been removed from accounts created after a certain date (we are new and don't have access to folders).  Is that feature already being re-developed?  Any ETA on release?

We would like to have a way to group our teams, maybe as simple as being able to add additional groups in the same format as the existing 'Teams' and move the individual teams between those.  Also, having the ability to minimize those main groups would also be useful.

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luis-sanchez10504 avatar image luis-sanchez10504 commented ·
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Team Folder Missing for New Accounts. Team Folder feature on Glip has been removed for new accounts while RingCentral works on enhancements for that feature. Do we have an ETA when it will be reintroduced? 
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luis-sanchez10504 avatar image luis-sanchez10504 luis-sanchez10504 commented ·
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 luis-sanchez10504 commented ·
You're welcome! If I hear anything new, I'll update this thread :)
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scrappy10530 avatar image scrappy10530 luis-sanchez10504 commented ·
Also evaluating and waiting for the team folders to return.

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nate-a10303 avatar image nate-a10303 commented ·
Correct, at some point that feature was phased out.  Please follow and like this chain to help increase the visibility of this request!  I'm needing something like folders to help us organize this tool, seems like a lot of people would benefit from that.
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spoonhandle11229 avatar image spoonhandle11229 nate-a10303 commented ·
Seriously. If Ringcentral added Team folders back and user-group management, I would have no complaints about the Ringcentral/Glip Application.
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kat9424 avatar image kat9424 commented ·
Please, please, please, please, please... bring the folders back!!!!!!
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