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Usage and Adoption Reports

Hey Everyone, our analytics team is working now on Feature Usage and Adoption Reports. We would like to help you understand which of the features have been adopted and to what extent within your organization so that you could drive adoption of the features and timely identify negative trends in usage. For instance, you may need to know how many people of your organization actually use Meetings or RingCentral app (Glip), how intensively and who are those who don't use and need more training on the product. How many assigned DLs are actually used, how many faxes sent and who are those who really use the feature.

We're wondering which features and what metrics are the most meaningful for you. Why? How are you going to use the report? How would you actually drive adoption?

Thank you very much ahead of time!
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bjsvec avatar image bjsvec commented ·
Good idea.  Off the top of my head, I could find it useful to see a list of what users are logged into various apps like Glip, desktop app, meetings, mobile app.  maybe it would show if they are currently logged in and the last time they were active or logged in.  A button/link to send an email with instructions for installing apps for users not logged in might be nice too.
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cglassy3135 avatar image cglassy3135 bjsvec commented ·
This would be very helpful for us too, Thanks Brandon
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liubov-penyugalova10880 avatar image liubov-penyugalova10880 bjsvec commented ·
Brandon, thank you for the metrics suggestion, this is really helpful for the RC analytics team!
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jeff-salisbury7355 avatar image jeff-salisbury7355 commented ·
Being able to see who is logging on to Glip and actually using it would be great as we start to roll out Glip to our users over the next few months following an internal pilot within IT.

For meetings, one report I would love to have is to report on whose meetings used call me/dial out where there was an additional audio per-minute cost to us with the detail of what country(s) was called, how many minutes, and the associated cost.
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jeff-salisbury7355 avatar image jeff-salisbury7355 jeff-salisbury7355 commented ·
It would be valuable to know the endpoints. I would like to know who logs into Glip in any fashion, and who is posting messages. Making calls, starting video, and creating tasks would not be of value to me.

On a different note that did remind me that a report showing which users are using the RC Mobile apps to make voice calls would be very valuable. The use case is for users who have big mobile phone bills we could see if they were trying to leverage the RC mobile apps or not to deflect the cost of international calls. 
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liubov-penyugalova10880 avatar image liubov-penyugalova10880 jeff-salisbury7355 commented ·
Hi Jeff, thank you for your thoughts! Noted. Quick questions, how do you drive Glip adoption? Is it important to know what exactly people do in Glip (make calls, send messages, start video, create tasks)? Is it important to know which endpoints (mobile app, web, desktop) are used?
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spoonhandle11229 avatar image spoonhandle11229 commented ·
This is a cool idea, but building out the features that the Ringcentral App has is more important than adoption reports. Particularly within the Teams portion, for example:
  • Team management (nested Teams, or "Group" management). As it is every team has to have individual members managed independently, which is terribly inefficient, especially for a large organization. The ability to sign members to a "Group" which could then be added to a team would be much better.
  • Team Folders seem to have been removed at some point. Adding that back would be helpful.
  • Make the company Admin a Team Admin by default in any team he/she is added to.
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ryan-lynch9492 avatar image ryan-lynch9492 spoonhandle11229 commented ·
Enterprise security features would be a great start too. For example, we could really use the ability to restrict file sharing by user. 
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ryan-lynch9492 avatar image ryan-lynch9492 commented ·
Analytics for Glip would be fantastic.  Users logged in, when a user was last logged in / posted, usage time, how many posts and files uploaded would be a good start. Also reports on teams, such as when a team was last active or even giving admins the ability to see and monitor all teams created on the account. 
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liubov-penyugalova10880 avatar image liubov-penyugalova10880 ryan-lynch9492 commented ·
thank you, Ryan, it's really helpful! Do you find it important to know about if users use mobile app, web version, desktop? How would you use this data? Drive adoption or...?
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arron-voce10431 avatar image arron-voce10431 commented ·
We need to know how long a user has been on Do Not Disturb (not available in a certain call queue) this would be great!
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angel-anderson9653 avatar image angel-anderson9653 arron-voce10431 commented ·
Yes, would love to see this.  This helps us pinpoint and correct undesirable behavior to ensure our customers are receiving the best service.  Would like to see it by extension as well as groups.
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alexander-wade13954 avatar image alexander-wade13954 arron-voce10431 commented ·
This would be huge. More info in Glip (or anywhere) about queues for end users and admin would be super helpful.
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