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Robo Caller Mitigation

Hey Community Members,

Let's talk robo callers. They're a pain and we all get them. I receive some on my personal cell number and I just don't answer. But it's hard when you have a business and answering the phone is important for revenue! You can't just let it go to voicemail.

This topic has been brought up on this forum many times and we want to address your concerns. We've been talking with our Legal Team and our Product Team about this issue. We completely understand the frustration as this is an industry-wide issue faced by all.

Good news, the Product Team is actively working on a robocall mitigation feature. This will be a feature addition in an upcoming product release. Our goal will be to provide RingCentral users who are receiving unsolicited phone calls with additional on-screen information indicating a suspected robocall. We will post to this thread when the feature is set to be released.

Here is some information from our Legal and Privacy Team regarding the subject of Robo Calls:

In response, the FCC and the FTC are working hard on solutions, enforcing existing and creating new ones. The FCC has imposed over $200 million in fines against spoofers and scammers in 2018 alone, and has declared that combating unlawful robocalls and malicious caller ID spoofing [is its] top consumer protection priority. ( Source.) The FTC is likewise aggressively enforcing the Do Not Call Registry ( Source)against human and robotic telemarketers alike ( Source).

Until this year, it was illegal for providers to block incoming calls, even those that were obviously illegal. But earlier this year, new rules went into effect that will allow providers to block calls purporting to be from numbers of trusted entities that do not actually make calls from those numbers (e.g.,the IRS call scam), from invalid numbers (like those with area codes that don't exist), from numbers that have not been assigned to a provider, and from numbers allocated to a provider but not currently in use. RingCentral is working hard to implement these new methods without interfering with wanted calls.

RingCentral is also participating in industry efforts to develop a new call authentication framework, called SHAKEN/STIR, which promises to revolutionize providers ability to block illegal robocalls. ( Source.) RingCentral is participating through its industry group, the VON Coalition.

RingCentral does not sell, rent, or lease your personal information. RingCentral may collect, use and may share your personal information. For more details on what we collect, how we use your personal information and why we may share your
personal information please refer to our RingCentral Privacy Notice here (
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled ghost robocalls. I've been receiving over 100 most calls everyday for the past 4 weeks on my toll free number. I've worked with RingCentral Tech Support for quite some time but there has been no real resolve. My best solution has been to create an auto-receptionist that requires a button press to be connected to a representative (we are an office of 3 people). After hours these calls would go to voicemail and leave a 5 minute voicemail costing a significant amount of money. The only issue with IVR is that if there is no button press. It still loops three times before disconnecting. This still creates a one minute call which will still cost me around $150USD per month based on the current volume. It would be very useful if I could select the number of times for the message to repeat. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled nomorobo Partnership???. When will RC partner with nomorobo which works with the large carriers to stop robo calls BEFORE you have to answer the phone
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Fraudulent incoming and outgoing calls. I am getting 50+ fraudulent calls a day each from a different number. (No one is ever on the other line). It seems that through this activity they are also gaining access to my account to make calls, tons of them I guess because Ring Central has now billed me twice in 3 days for call overage charges. The chat line has no idea how to deal with this except to change the phone number I have had for 7 years. There must be some technical way to deal with these fraudulent incoming and outgoing calls??
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Annoying Robo Calls. Our business has been receiving a ton of robo calls from dead numbers over 25 in one day. I called customer service and a very nice young man recommended that I block the calls which I spent the better part of the afternoon doing, but I don't think this will help as all of calls are coming in from in invalid numbers. Is anyone else dealing with the same problem?
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Joe Tremblay avatar image Joe Tremblay commented ·
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Robo-callers. What, if any, progress has been made over the past few months to help us avoid robo-calls?  They are time-sponging about 20 minutes per day; over the weekend I received 106 of them. Fortunately they do not leave a voicemail so resources aren't being wasted.
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