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Upcoming Service Notice: 2/15/2020


10:00 PM PT - 04:00 AM PT

Mandatory disaster recovery testing will be performed on our San Jose Data Center on Saturday, February 15, 2020. This activity will simulate an outage that will trigger the failover protocols for the data center. This will help measure the service recovery of the failover process and identify new issues that need to be fixed.

The following services will be impacted:

Core Services 3 minutes
RC Meetings 3 minutes
Contact Center 3 minutes
RingCentral App 3 minutes
Service Web no impact
Non-voice services (Fax out, messages, etc.) no impact

For RingCentral Meetings, PSTN participants will need to reconnect after testing is completed.

Email communication will be sent on February 03, 2020 to admins of accounts that may be affected.

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On future tests, 2:00 AM PT and 5:00 AM ET
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People in NYC work at 7:00 AM
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