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RingCentral App for Desktop is here!

Hey, RingCentral Community members!

Were so excited to announce our new RingCentral app for desktop. Our product team has re-built our RingCentral app for desktop with a modern design, enhanced search capabilities, improved speed, and so much more.

You can access the unified app for team messages, video meetings, and phone calls now.

Give it a try from your browser.

Use your existing RingCentral credentials
(make sure to close out of the old app to avoid duplicate notifications).
Note: Desktop download will be available on May 8th and can be found here.

Take a look at some of the great new benefits youll get with the new RingCentral app for desktop:

Theres no rush! If now isnt the right time, you can continue using your existing desktop app (soon to be renamed RingCentral Classic) for a while longer. The existing app will be supported until at least the end of this year and we wont begin to transition you to the new desktop app until later this summer. Also, dont worry, well send you reminders and offer support when you transition your team to the new app. Theres more good stuff coming with the new RingCentral app -- like contacts integration with Office 365 and Google. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to share them in the comments below. We will be sure to have our team ready to help address any questions you may have. And, as a friendly reminder, we ask that you operate with good intentions and use good judgment in this thread.

Helpful information on the RingCentral app for desktop
How-to videos on RingCentral app for desktop

Were excited about the new RingCentral app for desktop and hope you are too!

RC App Desktop FAQ

Q: What is the new RingCentral desktop app?

A: This is our new flagship desktop app which has been rebuilt with your user experience in mind. Its fast, easy to use, and simple to navigate. Its your single place for all communications team messages, video meetings, and phone calls.

Q: Are there any costs that I need to be aware of?

A: No. The app is free and available for all RingCentral customers to download.

Q: Will there also be a new RingCentral mobile app?

A: The current RingCentral mobile app has already been designed to deliver a unified experience, so no updates are needed.

Q: What improvements have been made in the new desktop app?

A: With the new desktop app, users can expect the following:

  • Approximately 4x faster search functionality

  • 64% faster when switching between conversations

  • 34% speed increase in document upload and preview

  • 20% improvement in sign in time (from app launch to message)

Q: How do I move over to the new RingCentral desktop app?

A: The new RingCentral desktop app will be available for download on our Support site starting May 8th.

If youd like to install the new RingCentral desktop app, please first uninstall the old desktop app or update it to version 20.2.20.
You can find a Migration Guide for Admins here.

Q: Will the new RingCentral Desktop app work for both RingCentral Meetings and RingCentral Video?

A: Yes. Regardless of what video service the customer has, the new desktop app will support both.

Q: What is the plan for sunsetting the old RingCentral desktop app (RingCentral Classic)?

A: The old desktop app (RingCentral Classic) will be supported until at least the end of 2020, however, no new developments will be made.

Q: Will the new RingCentral desktop app replace the RC Phone desktop app?

A: Eventually yes, when HUD is available in the new RC desktop app, which is planned for early 2021.

Q: What does this mean for plans to sunset our separate business apps including RC Phone desktop?

A: As announced back in May 2019, the plan to retire our separate mobile apps is already underway. With the introduction of our new desktop app, we will soon begin the process of retiring our separate desktop apps as well once we close all feature gaps. There are no clear timelines to retire RC Phone desktop and RC Meetings desktop at the moment but well be sure to let you know before the process starts.

Q: Where do I learn more about this new app and get help?

A: Visit our microsite or reach out to your account manager directly to learn more.

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bond007dmc9787 avatar image bond007dmc9787 commented ·

Devs - if you are monitoring... What have you guys done to the new look RC Web App at While I generally like the new look and UI improvements and see how it will ultimately be better, it appears like you totally broke Tasks, which I utilize daily.

I have several teams set up which utilize tasks within them. When I click on a team in the current (old) view, all of my open tasks show neatly grouped on the right pane by section (by design) so I can have multiple task "checklists" and be able to find my stuff easily. Yes, the UI needs improvement, but at least they are grouped. With the new look, those sections are gone and all tasks are listed together. This is very disorganized now. Not only that, when you click on a task, the conversation thread is GONE. You only get what used to be the description. What is going on ??? This is useless for Tasks!!

Also, where did the ability to sort by Complete, Pending, All go? Where did the ability to view posts by newest at top or bottom go? Those options appear to be gone. If those features are still there, but hidden, then you have made it too hard and it needs to be more intuitive.

Again, there are definite UI improvements with the new look, but Tasks are all but useless to me now. PLEASE put these functions back or show me where they are now.

Attached a few screenshots concerning the Tasks and groupings issue.

*** Original Team Tasks grouped by section ***

*** New Look - not SECTIONED at all ***

*** Original view when click on task link - shows entire conversation thread (complete thread not seen in this screenshot, but continuation slider is evident) 

*** New look view - Only original description shown in Task detail - no apparent way to see conversation thread in one place anymore ***

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bond007dmc9787 avatar image bond007dmc9787 bond007dmc9787 commented ·
Thanks, Becky for responding. Looking further, it appears that the Task grouping is gone because Sections are no longer an option (in the new RC design) when creating a new task. Not sure why they were removed, as they were the only way CURRENTLY to make things a bit more organized.

Ideally, a way to nest (Sub-tasks) would be ideal - especially if multiple sub-tasks are allowed - and would be the better way to go along with Sections or something similar. This has been mentioned and requested for a while, so maybe that is what is coming in Q3?

Also, as Derrick has mentioned, we definitely still need a way to filter Tasks similar to what we can now - and if that function is to be improved upon - even better! If  I understand you correctly, some or all of these currently missing functions are coming in Q3, so I will definitely continue to use the Classic App for now.
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derick-downey avatar image derick-downey bond007dmc9787 commented ·
Hey Becky! Thank you for the exciting news, and I am sorry that you are going to get bombarded with complaints / feature requests on this post! Hah

I came here to describe similar issues about the "Tasks" function within the newest app release. With the old app, there is specifically a "Tasks" page that, when clicked, allows us to see every single task assigned to us, across every team.

This allows me and my coworkers to monitor every single "pending" task assigned to us, across every team. This is the lifeblood of our company. We use this every day. This is an example of my "My Pending Tasks" screen. Notice how it will show me my tasks, and in the fourth column on the right, it will say which Team the task is within:

Currently, the new app does not have a "Tasks" section. 

Instead, tasks can only be seen within each team. This means that, in order for me to see my tasks, I have to individually click on each team. This is very inefficient and may result in us missing a task, or forgetting about a task, because we can't see every task in one place.

Unfortunately, since our entire company revolves around using these Tasks to get things done, I'm going to advise everyone to avoid using the new app until this feature is included. Sorry, thanks, and hopefully there are plans to add this feature in the future!
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bond007dmc9787 avatar image bond007dmc9787 bond007dmc9787 commented ·
Agreed! I know that they say a lot of [missing?]functionality is coming Q3, so hopefully all this critical stuff comes back. I just can't figure out why they would release the new and improved without these functions that exist now, or at least give a warning as to things not being complete for the new look effort. Had they given the warning, I don't believe folks (including myself) would be so dumbfounded about what they are seeing. You just don't pull stuff that people may be using daily, have acclimated to and that may be critical to their operation, without putting out feelers or simply asking your users in the form of a survey or something what is important. Google and other software companies do this all the time and think they are doing everyone a favor. Yes, the interface and look and feel are nicer and modernized and that is welcome, but definitely a mis-step and hopefully a learning experience for the future.
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jason-facey avatar image jason-facey commented ·
I see that tasks and calendar are highlighted in many conversations. Please add groups and the dashboard back as well. Also, allow users to un-group message types in the left pane - teams, direct messages and groups.

I think most of us are here because we would rather see a complete product released. It also doesn't line up with our training or documentation that we put together within my organization. The Classic version should be offered when the (orange) download for pc button is chosen, it is currently more Robust than the new 20.2.20
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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ jason-facey commented ·
Tasks and Calendar are coming in Q3. 

Your feedback about un-grouping messages is appreciated and we'll be sure to share with our Product Team. 
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keith-lazarus13798 avatar image keith-lazarus13798 commented ·
It would've been very nice if RC had pointed out that this was not a feature-complete release.  Even better would have been to say "The following features are specifically not included in this release but will be available as follows: ..."  

RC offers some great functionality.  At times, though, it seems like you go out of your way to make life difficult for your customers - particularly regarding the RC App. 

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laura-yates avatar image laura-yates commented ·
The download page for the new app:

has this text in the middle of the page: "The previous app, now RingCentral Classic, is still available for download. Not sure which RingCentral app to download? Get expert advice here."

The information on the linked page really does not address which app might be more suited to a users' needs. It would be a million times more useful, supportive and user-friendly to include a bunch of the points being discussed above so that people don't download and have to go through all that discovery on their own.

I'm sorry to say that RC has wasted SO MUCH of my time on tech related stuff that I have -0 patience for this kind of stuff anymore. Please do all your users a solid and provide an article that's thoroughly helpful.
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matthew-rydzik7277 avatar image matthew-rydzik7277 laura-yates commented ·
That new table makes the new app look like it has more features than the classic version, that is not currently the case.
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Nathan Ramsden-Lock avatar image Nathan Ramsden-Lock matthew-rydzik7277 commented ·

I think the compatibility matrix should look a bit more like this:-

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1596821064253.png (77.7 KiB)
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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ laura-yates commented ·
Thanks for the feedback, Laura. We've made some updates. 
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barry-elk7363 avatar image barry-elk7363 commented ·
Missing feature.  The ability to organize teams into folders.  CRUCIAL for us as an agency, because we have multiple project teams per client and organize the teams by client.

Color coding is nice to have as well - but the folders are a show stopper for us to migrate to the new app.  Will be staying in Classic.  Not going to do any other beta testing for you at this point.

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