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RingCentral App Starter Tips

Our customers who use team messaging are able to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues, clients, and business partners more efficiently and all in one place! Our product team has been tirelessly working on rebuilding the RingCentral desktop app with faster load time, enhanced searches, and many more improvements!
With the new app officially launched, we thought wed share some Starter Tips to help you make the most of everything in the app!
Follow along to help you and your team get started on the path to productivity and connection!

1. Download

Head over to the RingCentral Downloads page and get your RingCentral Desktop app today! Windows, Mac, web browser-- we got you covered.

2. Get Familiar with Some New Icons!

On the left side of the app, youll see icons for each element of the app. Keep in mind, different companies have different functionalities enabled, so its possible your app will look a little different.

In the upper right corner of the app youll see two new icons next to your profile icon, the Dial Pad and New actions buttons.

The dial pad icon lets you quickly make a phone call, while the New actions button will open a menu for easy access to some quick action items. Keep reading to learn how to use some of these features!

3. Start a Chat

Click the New actions + icon in the upper right corner, and select Send a New Message. Add the names of the people you want to interact with and hit send! Youre all set to share ideas, plans, and work together seamlessly.

4. Share links & files

Its easy to share links and files with your colleagues and it will make your team more productive.

  • To share links, copy and paste the URL into the text entry field. Once you hit enter, the link will post and include a brief preview. (Dont like the preview? You can turn it off!)

  • Drag and drop a file into any conversation. Enjoy unlimited file size and storage with your RingCentral account.

5. Connect via Video through RingCentral Meetings or RingCentral Video

Whether youre using Meetings or youve jumped onto our new Video platform, both options can be found in the new RC App.

Click the video icon on the left to Start, Schedule, or Join a video call or use the ever-reliable New action + button to Start a Video Call. Either way, you can be connecting face to face with your teams in no time.

6. Start a Phone Call

Making a call is quick and easy in the RC App! You have two options: click on the phone icon on the left or the dial on the right and the phone feature will launch.

Dial your number and click the green phone icon to start your call.

7. Send a Text-- SMS or MMS

As you might guess, youll want to click that New action + button to select Send new text in the dropdown menu.

Add the name of the person youd like to text or the number in the TO field, click the next button to pull up any ongoing conversations and draft your message before hitting send. You can learn the steps in detail here.

Make sure you get the chance to try out group texting now that it is available in the new app!

8. Become a pro

Head on over to our Knowledge Base to explore articles about everything the new RingCentral app has to offer. Make sure to check back frequently and keep up to date with the latest improvements and features.

Got a great idea, want to talk through best practices, or just want to gab about features? Start a thread here on Community!

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