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Migrating from RingCentral Meetings to RingCentral Video

Your video meetings are about to get even better. We’re updating your RingCentral Office plan at no additional cost with RingCentral Video from the older capability of RingCentral Meetings.

Your RingCentral Office account will be upgraded to RingCentral Video as the video meeting during 2021. You will receive at least 30 days advanced notice with details. Let us know if you are interested in upgrading to RingCentral Video now.

Once your account has been upgraded, you and your team will have access to these great new features:

We've put together some additional guides for users and admins on how to start using RingCentral Video once you've migrated. Learn more here:

For Users
For Admins

Below, you'll find a helpful webinar about transitioning to RingCentral Video. Please take a look and don't hesitate to reach out with questions!
RingCentral Video Transition

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Lewis Pratt-Hazen avatar image Lewis Pratt-Hazen commented ·

I received the notice. When will "RingCentral Meetings" be retired?


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mitch-turner avatar image mitch-turner Lewis Pratt-Hazen commented ·

I had same question. @Becky-Community_Manager, RC team has been great about following up on quality issues but even they didn't know when RC Meetings was going away. Can you tell us if we will have access to RC Meetings after our changeover date, or only RCV?

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ mitch-turner commented ·

Mitch, sorry for the delay in my response. My understanding is that you are not able to toggle back and forth from one to the other after you have migrated to RCV.

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Robert avatar image Robert commented ·

So I just discovered that the "better" RingCentral Video does NOT include remote control. Why was the remote control feature left out of the "better" RingCentral Video product?

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Robert commented ·

Hi Robert, Thanks for pointing this out. Our Product Team is aware of this and it's currently on the roadmap. We will provide updates when there is confirmation of timeline.

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mitch-turner avatar image mitch-turner commented ·

As above in the comments, we are still trying to find out if RC Meetings will be available after the RC Video migration. I haven't gotten an answer here or from my account manager, who I emailed Monday night but was on a call with him a couple weeks ago and he didn't have the answer.

We have had groups on a call with RCV and have video or audio issues and they have jumped onto RCM and not had the issues. People are rightly concerned that we will be stuck if RCM not an option. I have to think the RC has a plan here--either we will still have RCM for a certain period, or we won't.

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Larry Rose avatar image Larry Rose mitch-turner commented ·

Were you able to figure out if RC Meetings will still be available?

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Chirag Shukla avatar image Chirag Shukla commented ·

Those moving from RC Meetings to RC Video, please test performance of meetings thoroughly. Start meeting with a few staff members, turn video ON for everyone and then start sharing screen. If your audio breaks up or have poor video performance, contact RingCentral before you go live with RC Videos.

We use RC Video and have seen performance issues across a group of users who use meetings a lot. If a presenter has video ON and they share their screen, audio distorts and meeting becomes unusable. The only workaround we have found is to turn video OFF, but that's not what users want. So, please test! We are looking for a solution from RingCentral for that problem.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache commented ·

What's the timeline on the upgrade, and will the SuperAdmin's be notified?

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jessica-community-moderator avatar image jessica-community-moderator ♦♦ Joe Cache commented ·

Hi Joe,

We're migrating accounts in waves January through April. Your account manager will have more details for your specific dates. Admins will be emailed with additional information when their account is up for upgrading.

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lucille-s1132 avatar image lucille-s1132 jessica-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Hmm. I have Super Admin access and I did not get any notification. I notice the change one day.

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sylvester-leach12134 avatar image sylvester-leach12134 Joe Cache commented ·

The Ring Central Video is not syncing with the mobile and the desktop with scheduled meetings. This is not good as I join in from both devices to be able to do the recording and the last Ring Central Meetings was able to do this so it was very easy to join the meeting from the any device I am logged into. I thought I lost my scheduled meeting this morning that was scheduled yesterday using the mobile app but since there was no sync to the desktop application it seemed as if I never scheduled the meeting at all. I had to go to my google calendar to get the link to be able to join the meeting from my desktop. This was not the case before using Meetings application.

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