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Create Extension -Parameter [] value is invalid

When attempting to add a contact using 'Create Extension API', with an email address ending in 'x' (i.e. jsmith@abc.comx', I receive an error:

Parameter [] value is invalid.

After removing the 'x', it imports fine. The 'x' bypasses sending an email when an extension is assigned so is there some other way to accomplish this via the API or can the validation for the email field be changed to accommodate the '.comx' extension? The 'x' is allowed when entering the email through the web portal.

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I have never seen an email extension ends with .comx. Our system validates the email address format syntax and checks if it is unique, but I don't think it validates if the email is actually valid or not.

After creating an extension successfully, you should see the new extension from the web service and should receive an email to activate the new extension. Are you testing on sandbox or on production? Login your web service to see if the extension was actually created.

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Thanks Phong. The actual email address is not .comx, it is just .com, but within RingCentral, you can add an 'x' to the end of the email address in order to avoid having the email sent upon extension creation. There must be some validation within the API that is not allowing for '.comx'. This is in sandbox right now. I think we'll have to add an x to the domain portion of the email address instead.

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Most probably the API use regex to validates the email address domain suffix. So yes, please try other way to see if you can get around it.

For curiosity, what was the reason you don't want the system to send the invite to the new user's address for setting up the new extension?

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Makes sense - but yes adding the 'x' to the end of the domain does work.
The reason we do it this way is in order to control the roll-out of devices. By entering an invalid email address with a common format, we can bulk update the emails later when we are ready to inform the users.

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