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How the Ring Central counting inbound and outbound calls ?

I am getting company log data using below Callout URL 2020-05-06T23:59:00.000Z&page=1&perPage=1000

I am counting the inbound calls based on the agent phone number and Extension number and outbound calls based on the agent phone number.

but the count is not matching with live report inbound and outbound count.

In which criteria ring central is counting inbound and outbound calls count in a live report.

rest api
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Live report is an app which does not use the call log. It has its own implementation to calculate and measure a call metadata.

Do you get more or get less inbound and outbound from the call log?

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Yes, sometimes I am getting more data some times fewer data but not much difference.

Ex: Yesterday Total calls count shows in performance report is 546, but by using callout I am getting 542,

the day before yesterday it showing 482 total calls count in performance report but using call log callout it showing total calls count is 495.

My requirement is to show the live report data in salesforce.

I have done inbound and outbound count based on call log data.

sample counts

this is from live report

the inbound and outbound count not matching in both.

for a few users, it matching the counts but some users not matching.

What are parameters ring central considering to count the inbound and outbound count?

Is any API is there to get the live report data using API callout?

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I believe that the issue is the time zones used in the live report and your API parameters are differences.

Are you able to check the date and time of those calls reported by the live report, then use that date and time range in your API call?

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