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Setting up puppet directory environment in puppet

I am learning puppet but I stuck with one problem. I have a Puppet installation with one Puppet master and one Puppet agent, and I am using open source Puppet. I to set up a environment named Test. The directory is as follows /etc/puppet/environments/Test its having modules and manifests directories. And environment.conf file.

My environment.conf contains the following line:

modulepath = $confdir/environments/production/modules

I created a module named sample inside the modules directory of the environment. Described one class called sample inside the init.pp of the sample module's manifests directory. The class is used to install a small puppet software. In the the manifests directory of the environment Test I created a file site.pp which will implement the class sample defined inside the module.

My puppet.conf contains this following lines:

[main] logdir=/var/log/puppet vardir=/var/lib/puppet ssldir=/var/lib/puppet/ssl rundir=/var/run/puppet factpath=$vardir/lib/facter prerun_command=/etc/puppet/etckeeper-commit-pre postrun_command=/etc/puppet/etckeeper-commit-post server=puppet.master

[master] ssl_client_header = SSL_CLIENT_S_DN ssl_client_verify_header = SSL_CLIENT_VERIFY

But whenever I tried to implement the manifests in the Puppet agent, It is using the default site.ppand not using the environments site.pp

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Hi Soujanyanaganuri,

This community page is dedicated for RingCentral developers to post questions related to RingCentral platform. If your question is related to our platform, please give further details of your problem. Otherwise, this type of question is better posted to  stack overflow, where other developers could help you better.

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