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RingCentral SMS API vs TF Utility App


I came across this article here regarding high-volume SMS best-practices from RingCentral and had a few questions about a utility that is linked in this article:

Here is the utility that I am referring to:

The article suggests using the utility to send high volume SMS from a RingCentral TF number. My question is what limits are associated with this app? For example, if I uploaded a list of 1000 phone numbers and sent a message through this utility, would I not be charged the normal $.007 cost and would the 40 messages per minute rate limit be not applied either?

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this matter!


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That utility app is an unofficial public app from RingCentral Lab. One can use it occasionally with their own production account credentials provided that the account has a TF SMS number (otherwise, the "from" number list will be empty). Since it is your account TF SMS number, you will bear the cost of sending SMS from the app. The app is still using the normal /sms API which has the API rate limit at 40 messages/ minute. But the app will handle the rate limit itself so you don't have to worry about it. Thus, sending 1000 messages would take about 25 minutes to complete, and it will cost you $7.

Soon we will release a new app using the High Volume SMS API which is capable of sending up to 3 messages per second. The new app can be use with the same TF SMS number.

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That all makes sense thank you for the response!

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