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Have an active subscription for SMS, but not receiving any webhook events

I use AWS lambda running node JS. In my service, I have established a subscription, but I receive no events whatsoever.

this is the subscription:

    "uri": "",
    "id": "eb55a123-1f0f-46c4-9c90-cbe8554616c7",
    "creationTime": "2020-07-08T20:18:12.960Z",
    "status": "Active",
    "eventFilters": [
    "expirationTime": "2020-07-15T20:18:12.960Z",
    "expiresIn": 538066,
    "deliveryMode": {
        "transportType": "WebHook",
        "encryption": false,
        "address": ""

Any help appreciated

rest api
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Look like this address ( is not publicly accessible. It seems AWS api endpoint requires authentication token.

you can test your app on a local machine to double check if your webhook setup is working well.

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I doublechecked. It is open to the public endpoint.

Please try this:

curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Validation-Token: Mytesttoken' --data-raw '' -v

when I create a subscription, I get a response back to confirm the endpoint. it just contains no data. and after that anytime I send or reply to the SMS messages I get no events at all.

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Did you test your app on your local machine? E.g. using ngrok.

If it works on your local machine and not work on AWS, then there is some issue with the delivery address or access problem with AWS API gateways.

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It does not receive events from RingCentral. Events are not delivered to a public endpoint, as specified in my OP. Everything in my system works, it connects to RC, logs in, creates subscription, sends SMS messages as required. But it does not receive the Webhook events from RingCentral when the emails are replied to.

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