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Call Logs - Date only format for the date in the DATE column

When the Call Log is downloaded as a CSV file (later saved as Excel), the DATE in the Date Column prefixes the day of the week (ie. Mon, Wed) to the date. Is there a way to format the DATE as Date Only or without the day of the week? Otherwise the date column will sort by the day of the week which doesn't work for my purpose.

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I believe that either your code changes the format or your Excel settings converts the date format. RingCentral system returns the date in ISO 8601 format including timezone, for example 2018-12-26T18:00:55.530Z.

You can do a quick check by opening the CSV file with a text editor to see if the date was converted. Otherwise, check your code or share a few lines of code where you create your CSV file and save the response so I can help.

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I didn't perfectly understand your instructions, but using the 'Text to Columns' function and then following the wizard to select Delimited by Space separated the Day from the Date into two separate columns. Ideally it would be preferred if it could export like this but this is a very simple task to get it to work. THANK YOU !
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