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Has anyone succesfully terminated their contract due to the repeated service problems

We have lost THOUSANDS of dollars in business due to the blanket outages. Has anyone successfully terminated their agreement and / or been compensated for lost revenue?

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I will let you know.  That will be step two after I get my phone lines back up.  Or should I say if...
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Not exactly.  We switched to another carrier and that completely fixed all quality issues we were having with our phone service.  But RingCentral has locked me out of my account and I cannot get my 800 number to forward over to my main number (while I am waiting for that last phone number to port over).  Still paying for service, but you guys really need to clean up your act.
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If your account has been closed but you still need to transfer a number, the best thing to do is give us a call: 888-898-4591

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There was an issue a few weeks ago that affected a segment of our customers but it was resolved. Are either of you still having problems? 

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We should all come together and sue ringcentral for the lost of businesses. It has been a full time job for us to just deal with their aweful call center support. I need to terminate my contract. We will be happy just to leave this company. We have been with them for years.

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@Michelle Oh Sorry for the frustration, but negotiating the cancellation of a contract must be done with the assistance of your account manager and the Customer Retention team.
It looks like you have a few cases open today, I would recommend continuing to work with the teams that are best able to assist.

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Please cancel my account

We have had too many issues

We switched to another vendor

You still charging me every month

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@Roanoke Manager The only recent case that I see for you is a port out case. This is different than a cancellation. We will be happy to submit a case to our retention team and they will follow up with you.

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Please have them email me or call me direct

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