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calls are directly going in voice-mail. outgoing is fine

whenever somebody trying to reach me, every time the call is directly going in voice-mail. outgoing is fine but facing problem during incoming only!! please let me know what to do???

call routing
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There's probably a setting in the "call handling forwarding" rules.   If you are still having a problem let us know the phone number and we'll take a look.  I changed this to a private conversation in case you need to post the phone number. 

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Linda Foster avatar image Linda Foster mike commented ·

I'd appreciate you taking a look. I have already unplugged and rebooted my phone, but it's still going directly into vmx and it's saying I'm offline and won't let me change it to available.

# 720.248.4699

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jenn-community-moderator avatar image jenn-community-moderator ♦ Linda Foster commented ·

Hello @Linda Foster, apologies! I checked your phone; it is online, and the call forwarding is good. Can you do a test call, please? Call your direct line by using your mobile. Thank you.

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