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Reports slow to update

Anyone else having issues with the user call activity report not updating for 24 hours?  

I can pull activity from 2+ days ago, but every time I try to pull real-time, or yesterday's stats, everything has a value of zero.  

 I ALWAYS want to check stats real time, and every morning, to talk to reps about how yesterday went.  Why is reporting lagging for 24+hours?
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Reports are not "real time". There is at least a 24 hour delay.

In order to get real time, please contact your sales rep for RingCentral Contact Center.
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I would like to revisit the 24 hour delay. This screenshot shows that we can get same day reporting.

With this report this proves same day reporting is available in the Performance Reports - and with a Office Standard license which is what we have.

My question is:

If I pull the report at 10:01 will it report all calls from 0:00 - 10:00 or does the Performance report need 'x' amount of time to update before reporting everything through 10:00. 'x' has to be same day as shown here. What is the frequency in which the Performance Report is updated? Is it real-time, every 5 minutes, every 30 minutes, every hour or something different?The screenshot show reporting updates same day -so looking for the frequency of the updates.

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1 Answer

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Hello Team.

I just did a real time testing and monitoring of this issue with Daniel Roth and we figured out that it takes no more than an hour for a call that was received today to show up on Performance Reports. It's an hourly interval.

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