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PHP SDK Getting "Call recording content". What do I do?

I use PHP SDK.

I try to get call recording content. For example,


SDK using curl. Curl send request and receive response:

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Server: nginx/1.8.0 Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 09:00:52 GMT Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8 Content-Length: 222 Connection: keep-alive RCRequestId: 494861 RoutingKey: SJC12P01PAS02 X-LoadMetric: 6 WWW-Authenticate: Bearer realm="RingCentral REST API", error="insufficient_scope" X-ERROR-ID: b88c2180-2f44-48e5-833c-b08e44ac997e Content-Language: en-US X-REQUEST-ID: 494861 { "errorCode" : "InsufficientPermissions", "message" : "Specific application permission required", "errors" : [ { "errorCode" : "CMN-401", "message" : "Specific application permission required" } ] }  

I don't know what I must do it.

Help me please

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Go to your application information in the app please copy and paste them here. Your app may not have the correct API Permissions defined. You should see a permission like "Read Call Recordings". If that isn't present you need to add it to your app please. The other possibility is your account somehow did not receive the correct credentials to access call recordings. Could yout also share your App Name here as well and I can confirm/fix if this is the issue.
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Added Read Recording permission to the app. Please reply to my email with the details for the usage of the call recording. 
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Thanks! It's work!
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When i create application field list "Permissions needed" contains only "Read Messages, Faxes, Read Presence, Read Accounts, Ring Out, SMS, Internal Messages, Read Call Log, Edit Messages ".

I can't find "Read Call Recordings" permission.

My application "SalesForce Integration" settings

Scope - Public

Permissions - Read Messages, Faxes, Read Presence, Read Accounts, Ring Out, SMS, Internal Messages, Read Call Log, Edit Messages 

I use it in sandbox only.

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That will need to be enabled for your account. You have one of two choices:

  1. You don't mind waiting until tomorrow morning and I can review your app and enable this feature, and notify you once complete.
  2. Send an email to the developer support team or create a support ticket and request permission to download Call Recordings along with your app name and app ID. Your support case will be processed in the order in which it was received.

Just let me know which you'd prefer please. Thanks, Benjamin

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Thanks Benjamin.

I select way 1. 

My application - "SalesForce Integration". Application Key - a9dLrqSfQzGubPEDfS3rXw
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