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Company Call Handling: how to set Main Number to do not disturb (DND)?

I have my direct line as well as the main company line on my phone. Is there a way for me to set the main line on do not disturb while leaving my direct line turned on?

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phil-koorsen162 answered Chuck Fuscone commented
Hello, I am a Professional Services Advisor and I can help show you a couple of ways to do what this. 

The most efficient would be to create a call queue group and name it 'Main Line'. Add yourself to the group and route all calls coming in from the main line to the group. So when you need DND, you go to select the ' Do not take calls', you will have a 3rd option to not take Call Queue calls. Selecting that will allow you to take calls for your direct line while main line calls will roll to voicemail in the group.

Can you give me more details of exactly how you want the main line calls to be handled as there is some tweaking available.

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Hi Renee, I think with the use of Call queues and proper timers you could achieve the above setup that you outlined.

Are you looking for assistance in configuring and testing this setup for your company?

Let me know

Chuck Fuscone
Certified RC consultant

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Hi Phil,

Thank you for your response! A handful of folks are back up for answering the main phone line when needed. They would like the main line to only ring when they are assisting with phone back up. The rest of the time they would only like incoming calls on their direct line. 
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Even better, you can put everyone that backs up the main line into the group and they only have to switch their DND setting between the 3 options. 

There will be some tweaking needed for the group though. So you will want to choose between the Rotating and Simultaneous ringing, turn the Greeting off, Choose Connecting audio (my favs are classical and corporate) but I do not recommend setting it to Ring Tones, stick with music.

Are you familiar with the settings for a Call Queue Group?

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Hi Phil - sorry to respond to an old post, but we've been trying to wrap our heads around how we could set the following scenario up: main line rings reception phone for 20 seconds, then goes to a voice mail message that sounds like an IVR prompt. If caller does nothing, they can leave a message. We would like to be able to have the receptionist push one button on her phone when she needs to step away which  would make it not ring her desk, but ring maybe 3 other desks simultaneously. We don't want it to ring the other users if the button isn't pushed. Could a Call Queue and DND serve that purpose?
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Thanks Chuck,
Just looking for some advice on how to set it up - If I created a Queue to include the receptionist and backup(s), how would I set it so that it only rang their phones if she turned on her DND? I don't want her to have to log in to RC and change settings each time she has to go to the bathroom :-)
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Well, you might have to do some testing but I am thinking of a sequential order with the receptionist first and a long timer before going to the next person in line. but since call queues are single threaded, the next call that comes in if the receptionist is on the phone will go to the next in line.

Do you want calls to wait for the receptionist all the time unless that person is on DND?

Only when on DND will it flow to the other people?

Please confirm

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Hope this makes sense:
I don't want callers to hear a phone ring for more than 30 seconds.
I want all calls to go to receptionist and only receptionist when she is at her desk.

I want her to be able to push a button on the phone and calls go simultaneously to a group of other people (who will only hear it ring if she pushes the button). The also have their own direct lines that need to ring all the time.

If none of the others answer, IVR (on voice mail message, press 6 for directory, no entry leave a message).

On our old PBX system, there was a "FWD" toggle button that would just send all your calls to someone else. That's the functionality I'm trying to re-create (without having to log into RC, change settings, step away, remember to log back into RC, restore settings when get back).

I've suggested an Idea to be able to program the DND button to do something other than just send directly to VM, but no response yet. 
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Hello Renee,

What you could do is create a  Call Queue for the Receptionist only (now this means that she cannot take a call, put that call on hold, and then grab a second call) and then set up an Overflow Call Queue where the other 3 people will reside.

Feel free to call into Support and we can go over how to set it up and test it with you.

Now, if that doesn't work for you, you could always set up a Ring Group under the Receptionist's extension but that does require a few more steps. However, a Ring Group allows the Receptionist to pick up and put on hold multiple calls.
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Thank you very much for the response. We definitely want the receptionist to be able to put call on hold and get the second/third/fourth call, so it doesn't look like Call Queues are the answer.

If we set up a ring group and she presses DND, it goes directly to voicemail, not the next step. I guess for now what we'll do is have a VM message that says something like "press 6 to dial by directory or press 4 for further assistance"
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Bill Marzahn answered

I know that this is an "old" thread. But it brings up a point that I am considering prior to signing with RingCentral. In the 20 years that I have been managing our corporate PBX, we have always had at least two attendant consoles. If one attendant want a break. She calls for someone to take over one of the two consoles.

This is standard for us during business hours. If the PBX receives a call outside of business hours, the call is routed to a menu/routing program that I developed in consultation with the various departments.
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