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Connect Conference Call to Office PA System

Our company has regular company meetings, and presentations conducted in our main office s but also have remote employees join via a ringcentral conference call. The presenter's audio in the office is fed through an onsite PA via microphone. Typically the presenter just dials in via phone and keeps it close to where they are presenting for remote employees.

This setup makes it difficult for the remote employees to hear the presentation as well as makes it difficult for the onsite employees and presenter to hear questions being asked.

Is there a preferred solution to connect ringcentral conference calls to our PA system?

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I have this same setup for quarterly meetings that we do and came up with a solution that works for us.

1. Presenter audio is running through a microphone to a PA system with a mixer. Everyone present in the large room ~150 people ~ hear audio in the room
2. I have a cell phone connected to the mixer. The audio coming from the microphones is sent to both the speakers as well as out to the cell phone so people can hear that dial in.
3. Audio in from the cell phone can be piped back into the speakers so that remote people can ask questions and then the people in the large room can hear as if those remote people are using a microphone in the room

Essentially this makes it one big conference phone!
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  Thanks for the reply. To me it seems this would be a very common use-case but finding good solutions is somewhat difficult. I like your solution, as long as the cell phone is charged :) . I've asked a couple people in the office that have a good bit of A/V background to design me an optional solution.

  We expect to run through some tests with their proposed solution in the next week. If everything works as expected I'll post up a 'How-to' with our setup for others.
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How do you get the audio from the mixer into the cell phone for the far end participants to hear? Are you just capturing the sound coming from the speakers into the mic on the phone?
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Would really like answer on this.  Was the "how to" ever posted?

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