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Users Getting Logged Out of Mobile App; Not Receiving Calls.

Sometimes if users don't use the mobile app for awhile they get logged out and then the app doesn't ring. It makes the app completely unreliable because we never know for sure if it's even ringing when someone doesn't answer. For now I'm just forwarding all calls to the users' cell numbers because that always works, but then they don't get any of the features of the mobile app. Is there any way to ensure users stay logged into the app and receive calls at all times?

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Is it actually logging the users out?  or is it just not responsive after the phone goes into sleep mode.  If it's the latter, try to uninstall, then reinstall the app. When reinstalling it, be sure to accept & allow all permission requests.  I know on my Android one of the prompts is to allow the app to run in the background after the phone goes to sleep. 

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It's actually logging them out. They open the app and it's asking them to sign in again. We can try reinstalling. 
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My users got tired of dealing with the app. It's not 100% reliable and that's not acceptable for business calls. We are now just forwarding to the user's mobile number and not using the app at all. I know that's not an acceptable solution for many, but it works for us.
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FYI, it could also be related to updates.  I have an iPhone what you explain happens after an update for me.  But otherwise works fine.  Make sure they also select save password radio button too.
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Good point, that could be causing it.  Everyone is signed in now and we're just keeping an eye on it. I don't know what else to do.
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Hello CLUGY,

If this continues, please open up a case so we can start investigating :)
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