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Softphone Crash Monitor

My laptop's fan has been running a lot. I opened up task manager several times to find an app called "SoftphoneCrashMonitor (32-bit)" using excessive resources (7-20% of a Xeon 3.0 GHz CPU). If I quit RingCentral's app, the resource hog goes away.

This was not a problem until that latest app update.

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ericnixmd10364 avatar image ericnixmd10364 commented ·
I uninstalled and reinstalled the RingCentral app along with uninstalling RingCentral for Outlook.  Also uninstalled Malwarebytes.  This seemed to have resolved it.
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Hi Eric. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is possible that this had something to do with Malwarebytes and how it interacts with the RingCentral softphone. I would suggest opening up a case if you continue to have issues. 
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dickbransford avatar image dickbransford commented ·
SoftphoneCrashMonitor.exe (32 bit) is using 30%+ of my CPU!  Not acceptable!  I have never used Malwarebytes, so the problem is unrelated to that.
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I have the same problem, only, using Sysinternals software, I can see that SoftphoneCrashMonitor (exe) is using around 17% CPU, and holding consistently at that usage basically without fluctuation. Something is wrong with the coding within this tool. The developers should put this on a instrumentation and analysis tool to determine what portions of the code are occupying such excessive levels of resources. My set up is super standard with only the regular Win 10 system and related apps. I use no special Malware preventative software, relying upon MSFT Defender suite.

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There is definitely something wrong in the code itself. The roughly 17% usage is continuous, and seems to represent the present usage of this software. It seems like giving up seventeen percent of your CPU capacity is not worth having crash monitoring for your IP phone. Get like Redgate ANTS or similar (even Visual Studio has some tools which can help) and examine the software while it's running. You will see some section of this code which is not working properly.

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