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How do I set up RC iphone app to receive SMS Texts?

After so many of my clients have ended up with my cell phone number and text me at all hours - I decided I would finally upgrade my Ringcentral account that I ahvehad for about 12 years to the business plan that will allow that.

I can;t seem to get the RC app set up to receive texts though and wondering if it's just not really capable of what I need.

I have a main account number (which i never use) and 2 business phone numbers that I answer with diff business names. I ahvealways just forwarded voice calls to my cell using the called number so I keep straight which way to answer - so I have never used the RC app.

Now with wanting texting - I have to use the app - but it is looking like I have to sign into and out of each number in order to receive texts - which would totally defeat the purpose.

Am I missing something or shuldI just revert to my previous less expensive plan and find an alternate solution (even carrying a separate "work" phone is an option!)

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J.B. Ferguson avatar image J.B. Ferguson commented ·
Barbara, No, you are not missing anything. Youre absolutely correct that you have to log into each individual number to get SMS text messages for that particular number. Think of it like having two separate cell phones.
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barbara-oliver11424 avatar image barbara-oliver11424 commented ·
That is very irritating as I specifically asked about this before I changed my account today - I guess the rep was just too concerned with making a sale to actually listen to what I needed.

Any suggestions for a way to accomplish what I need - being able to text clients using my business numbers on one phone?
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J.B. Ferguson avatar image J.B. Ferguson barbara-oliver11424 commented · suggestions. Since SMS messages can't be forwarded like phone calls can when they are originated then received, each individual line is it's own entity when it comes to receiving/sending SMS/MMS messages. Truthfully, I doubt you will find any service that would be able to do that, at least I have never run across one that can.
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bjsvec avatar image bjsvec commented ·
The other comments I agree with, but I just want to mention one idea that might help to some degree.

You can forward the inbound texts for more than one number to a single place like your cell or email.  You will still have to log out and back in to reply from that number though.  

I'm not aware of a product that manages in and outbound SMS for multiple numbers/business easily, but I'll bet there is something out there for a price.
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elizabeth-walker8122 avatar image elizabeth-walker8122 commented ·
Is anyone able to send text messages from your RingCentral mobile app and set it to show you caller ID as main company number? Receivers are seeing my Polycom number even though I set it to our main business number.
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J.B. Ferguson avatar image J.B. Ferguson elizabeth-walker8122 commented ·
Is your main company number a toll-free number (800, 866, 877, etc)? If so, that will not show. Further your text will send from your digital number. In other words, whichever digital number is assigned to you and that you are logged in to.
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Auto Receptionist Mistretta avatar image Auto Receptionist Mistretta commented ·

How do I send a text to a client to his cell number? When I click on the text icon it is not highlighted. I can send an email but not a text. Can someone help?

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Auto Receptionist Mistretta commented ·

Which app are you using @Auto Receptionist Mistretta?

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