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Message from RIngCentral phone app to RingCentral app (Glip)

As an Administrator, I have enabled Phone in the RingCentral app for testing on my machine.

I am able to make outbound calls and receive calls as expected.

As a 'user' of the RingCentral App (Glip), if someone sends me a message from the 'phone' app - this does not show in (Glip).

When will this function be enabled as we use it a LOT over all of our customers in place of other messaging apps

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Hi Ben, SMS/MMS should be integrated with the RingCentral Glip app for you if the phone is enabled.  Can you try texting your own RingCentral phone number and see if it shows up? If not please open a support ticket.

Please note by design we did not integrate RC Phone extension messaging since it overlaps with Glip.  SMS messaging (text another phone number) however is integrated per the above.

DM me for me information -
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Hey Bob, 

Yes it will. With composability enabled, SMS/MMS will still work in the Phone tab. 
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Thanks Jessica!
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I think there will be companies that disable the Glip teams messaging because of adoption of Microsoft Teams, Slack, or another program (as we have been told will be possible), but that will still want to use SMS/MMS messaging like was done in RC Phone.  Will SMS/MMS messaging still be allowed for accounts that disable Glip teams functionality?
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