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Declined calls on Apple Watch go to personal voice mail rather than business voicemail.

When my office manager declines a call on her apple watch, the caller is directed to her personal voicemail, rather than our business voicemail. How do I change this?

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I don't have an Apple watch but I don't believe there is a RingCentral mobile application specifically written for the Apple Watch. Therefore, if she is having phone calls go to her cell phone number, rather than a RingCentral app, that would cause declined calls to go to her personal voicemail. Based on that scenario, there is no way to change that, other than having her answer/decline calls in a RingCentral application.

Just verified from the App Store regarding the RingCentral mobile app (Watch is not listed):
Compatibility Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Yes, JB is correct. 

Your office manager likely has calls going directly to her cell phone, instead of her mobile app for RingCentral. 

In this case If she declines a call on her apple watch OR directly on her cell phone it will go into her cell phone voicemail, because she actually responded to the call by declining it.  In other words, RingCentral recognizes a user input (decline) and pushes the call out to the cell phone.

If she does nothing RingCentral will follow her RingCentral extension rules.

Using the mobile app resolved this issue for us.
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