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Netgear R7000 router issue with lost phone registration

Related to ticket: 07948600

The NetGear R7000 should be a preferred router, based on the R6400 recommendation from RingCentral as a recommended router.

I am posting these details in case someone has investigated this problem and solved it better than I did. I replaced the router with an ASUS and got no more problems. Please share if you actually figure out what is happening.


Router is NetGear R7000 Nighthawk. Firmware: V1.0.9.12_1.2.23

Default configuration, no QOS, no port restrictions.

Plenty of speed - 10Mb/s up and down minimum on Comcast.

10 phones, Cisco SPA-508G, purchased from RC.

About 2-3 times per day, one of the phones loses its registration - two lights turn orange, status on line 1 is "Registering" or "Registration failed". Resetting (re-powering) the phone is the workaround. Resetting fixes for at least hours, often days.

What does NOT fix it - DHCP changes, DNS changes, disable SIP ALG, disable DOS/portscan protection. All were recommended by RC support, no effect. There are no IP conflicts and the IP #s assigned do not bounce around.


  • Does everyone use QOS? Maybe with QOS set up, this never happens.
  • Doesn't seem to be an option other than "Disable port scan and DOS protection" to turn off stateful inspection or NetGear firewall features. Theory would be that the router thinks the phone is attacking or using too many resources and locks it out temporarily.
  • Other explanation?

Mine is fixed -- but this could help other users with NetGear routers.

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Deb, I do not have NetGear routers but I have 42 locations and I have followed the guidance in this KB article We have clear calls and meetings at every location. Never had a phone lose its registration
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Thanks for providing the link. I had reviewed that document before and I re-read it just now to make sure I didn't miss anything. It does refer to phone registration intervals and loosely refers to ports used. But not full specs.

The irony is that I know exactly what the details in this document refer to and I turned them all OFF. We have excess bandwidth and no outbound port restrictions. We are using a recommended router. So this isn't a guidance question for an unusual network. It is a specific problem with NetGear and I wanted to warn others and consult with anyone who has seen this specific thing.

Glad your phones have never lost registration -- it becomes technically very frustrating.

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I am having the same issue. How did you fix it?
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ok, i forget the exact fix, but i was able to get past this issue by forwarding, i think its port 6050, to an unused ip on the network. there is some article somewhere on the internet about this that i followed, but i cant find it at the moment :(
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