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Add extension to call queue after hours only


I am trying to do something a bit unconventional and I cannot locate any documents on how to achieve this.

We have a group queue for our IT Service Desk that contains 3 members during the day. If a user leaves a voicemail, it goes into our Service Desk ticketing queue.

After hours, we have an on call rotation that is not always one of those 3 people. We switch out 1 person every week, and we don't want that person to receive calls from the Service Desk queue during the day.

Is there a way to achieve adding one person to the call queue but only after hours?

We do not want conditional forwarding or connect to extension because we still need voicemails to go into our Service Desk ticketing queue and not directly to the on call person's voicemail.

Right now I am adding this person to the queue every day at 5pm and then removing them at 7am. Hoping there is a better way that I'm not aware of.


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Maybe setup an 'after-hours' second call queue with the extra person in it - then you can just add/change the person once a week in that queue.

Use advanced rules to have your calls go to the 'after-hours' call queue.

In the 'after-hours' call queue notifications settings, you can set that all notifications (voice messages) get sent to the main call queue extension.
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Absolutely perfect.  This was set up today and I completed a successful test.

Thank you!
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This seems like the best method. Easier to have separate business hour and after hours callflows, rather than just modifying the single callflow regularly.
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