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Allow RingCentral for Google to Make Calls using RingCentral App/Glip

Our company only uses the RingCentral App/Glip because we prefer to only use one app to do everything (make/receive calls, send messages etc). However, we also like to use the RingCentral for Google extension so we can "click-to-call" from our browser since our CRM/ATS system is browser-based.

The issue we're running into is that RingCentral for Google only allows us to make calls using RingCentral Phone for desktop NOT RingCentral App/Glip. There is no setting option for Make Calls in Google using RingCentral App. Unless I'm missing it?

This seems silly since you've got this almost all inclusive app (RingCentral App/Glip) but then the google integration makes you call using the RingCentral Phone. So you end up having to use both apps anyway (unless you call in browser).

Would it be possible to add "Make Calls using RingCentral App" to the Google integration settings?

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Hi Megan, 

We currently have a click to call beta that we are testing in the RC App and I would love for you to be a part of the beta. Please send me a note to my email and we can get you all up and running:

Thank you! 
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Is there still testing going on with this in the RC app?

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@steve, This feature has been launched the RC App now recognizes all numbers as phone numbers. :) 
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