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Security lock code for RC phone app

Hi! I have the Ring Central small business phone system and am just getting set up. When I signed up I was told the the phone app on the phone was secured by a passcode and that you wouldn't be able to access the app without inputting some sort of security code. This is important for HIPAA compliant businesses, but I'm not seeing any options for this. My app just lets me open it with no security code and online customer support was not able to answer this question. Anyone know?

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Hi Andrea, 

All RC apps include password protection. The user must enter the password associated with the user that is signing in. However, once you sign in on many of our apps, that session is extended, and does not require you to re-enter your password to access the app. 

To require the password every time you access an app, you will need to log out of the app each time you are done using it. This way, the app will require you to log in when you access it next and prompt you for the user password. 
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Thanks Jessica. That is really helpful. Do you know, if I am logged out, will I still see notifications and incoming phone calls? I'm guessing that is a no, but want to be sure. 
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Hey Andrea, you are correct. You will not receive Phone Calls or Notifications once you are logged out of the app
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