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Is there a notification that can be shown in the task bar until you view a received glip message?

I see an initial notification that someone sent a message, but if I miss that initial pop up I have no way of knowing that I received a chat message. Email notifications are not preferred or I would just use email for my communication. It would be nice if there was some kind of notification in the task bar indicating a message awaits.

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Hey Mandy, I'm a bit confused regarding your post. The Glip Desktop app will have a notification on the taskbar with a number, referring to how many unread messages you have. These will not go away until you read the message. Are you referring to something different?
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Thanks for your reply.  I was referring to when the app is running in the background or in the hidden icons without having to keep the app open and minimized.
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Thanks for the clarification! So it used to be that in the System Tray you would be able to see a red dot that let you know there was a new message in the RC (Glip) app. However, recently this functionality isn't working properly and our Product Team is looking into it! I think that would help you :) I'm gonna keep an eye on when a resolution occurs and then update you via this thread
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Excellent news.  Thanks for the update and I will look out for further updates.
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Same issue, when minimized to system tray (no task bar icon), no badges to indicate new message if you miss the desktop notification.  Any progress on this?  I remember the red dot before, bring it back! :)
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Hey Cade, looks like they're still working on it!
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