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Reverting to Default Profile Picture

I updated my profile picture from the generic standard icon.  Now when I join a ringcentral meeting my profile picture appears.  I can't seem to revert back to the standard generic profile icon.  How can I do this and remove my profile picture from Ring Central Meetings? 
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mark1234567891011121314 avatar image mark1234567891011121314 commented ·
This is garbage ... fix this so we can edit, change, and remove an image directly from the meetings app ... who created this user experience? 
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ldk avatar image ldk commented ·
I agree, this should be an easy fix on RingCentral's end. It's not asking a lot to be able to delete a photo and revert to the user's initials that already existed in your system to begin with. 

Can you please let us know that you're working on this simple improvement? 

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alex7389 avatar image alex7389 commented ·

I am trying to have Ring Central correct this, and they keep insisting it is a feature request with no ETA. This is not a feature request, it is a bug. Some people are stating the updated picture is pulling from their RingCentral/Glip app and updating the RC Meetings picture, and others are saying it is not. These inconsistent results are a clear indicator this is a bug. If this was a feature, it would behave the same way every time. And, you wouldn't have a troubleshooting article that you released August 6th of this year if it wasn't a bug. Why would there be a troubleshooting article for a feature? I'm starting to get the feeling they don't want to label it as a bug because then they would have to fix it, while a feature request they don't technically have to implement. If they continue to operate like this, we are changing providers. We have had numerous problems with them lately, and all these changes they are doing. Maybe they don't want to spend time fixing this issue because they are pushing for the use of their new Ring Central Video service over the Zoom service (the picture issue only affects the zoom service from what I can tell).

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dh12 avatar image dh12 commented ·
This is precisely my question :)  I changed my profile in the GLIP all and now it displays when I join RingCentral meetings.  I don't understand how that happened and would like to disable it. 

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J.B. Ferguson avatar image J.B. Ferguson commented ·

Saadet is correct, but what you can do is create a blank JPG image in Paint or any other application that can create a blank image. You could also grab a screenshot of a blank area of a screen with something like the Windows snipping tool. You can then change the photo in Glip with this blank image.

I've attached a white blank image for you that you can download (It's white so click just below this).
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erica10678 avatar image erica10678 J.B. Ferguson commented ·
Thank you! 
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J.B. Ferguson avatar image J.B. Ferguson J.B. Ferguson commented ·
You're very welcome.
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kristy-holmes answered brandon-reske commented
My awesome IT Service Desk just gave me a solution that worked! 
On Android or iOS app:
-Go to the RingCentral app (not Meetings)
-If on Android, click the hamburger menu in the upper left then Select Meetings from the menu or
-If on iOS, click Meetings icon on bottom menu
-Once in Meetings, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner
-Select Meeting Settings
-Select Video Service
-Select RingCentral Meetings Embedded
-Back on Meetings screen, click Start
-End your mobile meeting then go back to your desktop and launch RingCentral Meetings and select Start Without Video. 

I'm not an IT person and I do not work for RingCentral so don't get all cranky if this doesn't work for you, but I tried a bunch of stuff that didn't work and then this did so hopefully it works for some of you as well.
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keith-randolph avatar image keith-randolph commented ·
Agreed - this worked for me as well.  There was a delay on the desktop, but restarted the desktop app and the changes occurred.  Thanks to Kristy!!!!
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anita-williams avatar image anita-williams commented ·
Odd as I had tried this 4 months ago and it didn't work. I already had RingCentral Meetings Embedded selected but changed my pic and then went through this and after closing both RC and Meetings on my desktop and then reopening Meetings first, it worked. Thanks Kristy
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erik-anderson avatar image erik-anderson commented ·
This worked for me as well!  It took some trial and error as I already had embedded selected.  The key for me was to upload a picture to the RC app and then select embedded to push that image to meetings.  Thanks Kristy! 
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allison-kaufman avatar image allison-kaufman commented ·
Erik - your small change to the workaround also worked for me! Thanks Kristy. 
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brandon-reske avatar image brandon-reske commented ·
Thank you! This lead me to a solution, though slightly different.

1. Make sure RingCentral Meetings is not running
2. Open the RingCentral app and change your profile picture
3. Start a Meeting from the RingCentral app (not RingCentral Meetings)
4. Stop Video then End Meeting
Note: Phone and Tablet users may need to repeat Steps 3 and 4 a second time.

RingCentral Meetings profile picture will now be updated!

RingCentral finally has an official workaround but it still calls for the Embedded toggle unlike the steps above.
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Tony Ross answered

Pretty simple request to update within your system. Any reason why Ring Central hasn't made the change to be able to revert back to default User Name/Initials?

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ryan-gosling answered

@Tony Ross
I don't know why RC hasn't made it an option.

here is a workaround

You can create your own avatar, download it as jpg. and upload as new profile picture

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