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Click Continue to join ring central with limited connectivity - error code '104113'

Hi , i am facing issues in joining ring central meeting client . When the host joins, it becomes stuck and atlast gives the error code '104113'. Somedays it works perfectly, but some days it does not . It has become a serious issue and client has already escalated it. Can you let me know any possible workaround or some version of ring central that would solve this issue.

version : 6.3.1

Account type : US

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Hi Sharook, 

Another Community user posted this as a possible workaround, as he is also unable to log into Meetings. I'm not sure if it's the exact error you are receiving (he is using a Mac computer), but it's worth a try! 

Create a new user account
Make sure you're logged in to account with Admin control over you Mac.
  1. Go to System Preferences --> Users & Groups.
  2. Click the padlock in the lower left of the dialog box that appears and enter the password for admin account you logged in from.
  3. Click the + in the lower left above the padlock icon to add a new user account.
  4. Complete the panel that appears. Choose Standard or Administrator from the New Account drop-down menu. Make sure to choose a password you'll remember and keep it somewhere safe.
  5. Click Create User.
  6. When the new user appears in the user list on the left, close System Preferences.

Launch the new user account

To log in to your Mac using the new account you just created, consider these options:
  1. Disable Automatic Login in Systems Preferences --> Users & Groups if it's enabled. This will let you choose the account you want to use to start up with each time you log in.
  2. Restart your Mac and click the icon for the new user account you just created when it appears on the screen.
  3. If you have Fast User Switching turned on, you can use it to switch accounts without rebooting.
Tip:  Understand multiple accounts and Fast User Switching on a Mac.

Launch the RC Meetings app from the new user account
  1. Locate the RingCentral Meetings app in the Applications folder on your Mac and double click its icon.
  2. A panel should open prompting you to log in to RingCentral Meetings account. Enter your username and and password.
  3. If the log-in is successful, you should see the RingCentral Meetings floating menu panel appear in the top right of your screen.
  4. Click Settings (the gear icon) to set your general, audio, video, and meeting preferences, which will be unique to the new account you created.
  5. Start or Join a meeting to test RC Meetings is working correctly Note: Your recent meetings list will be empty. Your scheduled and recorded meetings probably will be missing, too. They're stored with the user account, not in the cloud or inside the app itself.

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Thanks for the reply . 
I am trying to resolve it at the network level from my organisation changing the network firewall settings etc.
Can you let me know the url's and destination ip's which receive the request when we try to connect to
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Of course! 

RingCentral meetings has similar network requirements to the rest of the RingCentral phones, check out this article for instructions on making sure your network is up to requirements:

The sections that specifically relate to meetings are: 

Section 7 - IP supernets 

Section 8.6 - Whitelists including: , , & *

Section 10 Bandwidth

Appendix B - table B.6 - meetings ports 

Appendix C - Table C.2 & C.3
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Thanks Jessica,

When we try to whitelist the following url's for ring central meetings access, we found that IP's are changing . Can you provide that the correct  IP's corresponding to the urls's so that we can be rest assured that access is enabled for the correct IP's.(At our organisation, whitelisting happens for IP and not url)

 Also, let me know the ports to which request is being directed. I believe its 443 alone. Please correct me if i am wrong :)
*. (for firmware software updates)**
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Hi Sharook, 

There are several IP addresses associated with those domains, and they will change, that's why just the domains are listed for whitelisting requirements. You are correct that port 443 is the port for RC Meetings :) 
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