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Hard phone dropped calls

For the last few weeks, we re experiencing a LOT of dropped calls from RingCentral Polycom phones. So far, RC does not have a response. Has anyone else seen a spike in dropped calls recently ?

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Hey Buonopane,

Often times this is a result of a Network Issue. Looks like you are working with our Support Team right now, which is good! Continue to work with them since these things require a deep dive
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Can you explain more? Do your calls connect but then after some conversation just randomly disconnect?
We have had a lot of problems with that too. Calls either (1) connect and go for 10-14 seconds and then disconnect, OR (2), are dead when you pick them up. Dead, meaning that you don't hear anything from the caller.

Just the last few days we have a few phones that when you call out it rings/connects but you can't hear anything from the person you called. However, they can hear us fine but we just can't hear anything. Not a good business phone solution!
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Hello, were you able to get this resolved? Do you remember what you had to do to fix it? We are experiencing the same issues.
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We dealt with tech support from Ring Central for about 6 months and he finally gave up. It was then that we got a different agent at Ring Central who obviously was more experienced and it still took another 6 weeks until things were resolved.
Long story short, we had to get rid of our Aastra phones as they were just too old and as RC backend system had seen numerous upgrades it just wasn't compatible with the old Aastras. So we got all new Polycom phones. That almost entirely cleaned up the problem. We still get about 1 silent call a week, average. RC says that's probably due to our netgear smart switch in our network, as Netgear is known to have that problem. Hope that helps!
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Every single inbound call from ring central drops in the first 20 seconds of the call. This is not an issue with internet connecting, this is a full blown bug and needs to be fixed because it renders the service 100% useless.

In addition to every inbound call dropping, the call doesn't show up in the app to return the call. Which makes it impossible to call the person back. To make matters even worse, if I go to the call log of my phone to view and copy the number to actually SPEAK TO MY CLIENTS... the phones caller id shows that the information is unavailable. Can anyone from the company resolve the issue? 

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Hey Simon, 

Can you please open a case with our Tech Support team so they can take a deeper dive into this issue and help discover a resolution.

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